Your Grrrs December 29, 2005

Your Grrrs ...

Scott L. in Lewiston, Maine: Mike, I usually agree with you, but I can’t on Kate Moss. She deserved what she got, and I’m not so sure she even deserves another chance. Of all the things Oblivions did in your 2005 list, hers is the worst. If I had to, I’d much rather deal with my kids hearing about an irate, phone-throwing Russell Crowe than seeing a cocaine-snorting Moss. It’s not even close.

Jamie W. writes: I agree with your whole column, but maybe they should ask Oprah to host the Oscars. Everyone loves her.

Rhonda writes: My pick for an Oscar host is Pat Sajak. I started watching the Wheel of Fortune a few months ago, and I think he just comes across so genuinely nice. Not only that, but he is funny and witty. I think he would make a great host.

Eric A. in Los Angeles: Mike Straka's list of Oblivions is good for a laugh, but he omitted the only name that really belongs on the list: Mike Straka.

Tracy in VA: I took my teenage daughter and her friends to see "King Kong" last night. The movie was great, but my Grrr! is for the parents of the 5-year-old sitting in front of me for the 3 hours of the movie. How could they possibly expect a 5-year-old to sit still and quiet for that long? This child talked throughout the movie, he rocked his seat back and forth, and he stood up dancing in front of us. The parents never said a word. Unfortunately, this child ruined the last 45 minutes of the movie for all of us, and due to the crowds, there was no place for us to go to get away. Knowing the length of the movie and the amount of really creepy stuff in it, parents should think twice (at least) before they bring a child under 10. Grrr!

Brian C. writes: I really like how you act outraged that Victoria's Secret made a bra that's worth $12.5 million: "They can feed a whole country with that." How many of your readers are ultra-materialistic pieces of garbage? How many people who read FOX News buy $200 million dollar homes, Porsches and million-dollar engagement rings? You could also feed a whole country with the $1 billion WEEK that is spent in Iraq. Did you fail to overlook that?

Tim in Omaha, NE: I think you missed the all-time worst Oblivion(s) for 2005: the radical left-wing (Howard Dean, The New York Times, Nancy Pelosi, etc.) for their incessant droning that President Bush lied about the Iraq threat, we're losing the war and the only solution is to pull out and come home. This is a truly shameful bunch. President Bush's rating is at an all-time low and no wonder: The American people never hear anything positive about Iraq. They must be jumping with joy that they've succeeded in duping the public about the Iraq situation. Obviously, they are trying to knock out enough Republicans in the upcoming midterms to regain control of Congress, or at least one of the houses.

Ron in Lakeland, FL: Just ran across your column on the e-waves. ... I plan to make it a regular daily "read," along with Slate. One of my personal GRRRRRRRRRRRS: Anna Nicole Smith! What a shameless bimbo! It's unfortunate that such a vacant-headed Oblivion gets so much attention...Wait a minute — I guess the REAL Oblivions are her agent and public relations people!

Jesse in Houston: My Grrr! goes out to people at church on Christmas Eve. I dropped my wife off at the front door because it was raining and I was a gentleman. Of course my wife went in and saved me a seat. Church was crowded and several people asked if they could sit in the spot she was saving for me. When she politely said that her husband was parking the car, they proceeded to give her the nastiest looks and mumble some expletives under their breath. My wife, God bless her, smiled at these Obliviots and said, "And Merry Christmas to you too."

Fred from DC agrees with Jess in Spencer, NY, about monitoring for terrorists: Way to go, Jeff. I have said this for years. We, unfortunately, have many examples of this type of behavior in our society (people want something without the responsibility that goes along with it).

Jamaal from FL: My Grrr! goes out to all the holiday travelers. I know we’ve written about left lane vigilantes before, but the day after Christmas was the worse. I’m traveling down I-95 on my way back from S.C. and everybody is camped out in the left lane. I am not above passing someone in the left lane, but you're not supposed to do that. It really Grrr!’s me to see a line of 10 cars in the left-hand lane to pass one vehicle and all the cars have a 30-foot gap between them. The left lane is for passing; if you are not passing, move over. If the speed limit says 70 and you're driving 50, then you're in the wrong lane, move over!! Thanks for letting me vent.

David C. writes: Come on, who do you work for, CNN? Did you miss the news about what Bob Woodward said? Apparently so. "I know. I'll out a CIA agent to a few well-placed reporters and then lie about it to a grand jury." Good job using liberal talking points and convicting someone before they are found guilty.

Steve M. writes: Just HAD to get your little dig in there, didn't you? Which one doesn't belong in a list of entertainment "Oblivions": Tom Cruise, Renée Zellweger, Scooter Libby, Russell Crowe, Kate Moss, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, the collective entertainment press ... Are you so ill-informed that you think Libby is an entertainment figure? I suppose you are, since you refer to Libby's involvement in the Valerie Plame affair as an "apparently" politically motivated "betrayal of his country." Libby betrayed nothing. Plame wasn't covert, she was just the wife of a career bureaucrat in a snit over not being placed on a pedestal by the Bush administration, you twit!

Kevin writes: I have a Christmas Grrr!. I was in a toy store looking at infant gifts for my nephew. The white couple next to me was noting that the packaging for the items in front of us all showed white babies, and not babies "of color," and that it must be offensive to "people of color" to see only white babies. Well guess what? If there was a white person offended by a baby "of color" on packaging, or would not buy that item because of it, he or she would be called a racist. But (according to this couple) a person of color has the right to be offended if it's a white baby on the package? I saw plenty of other packaging with varieties of "baby colors" on it. Grrr! to all the people who try to make a race issue, or any issue, out of every little thing.

Fletch on the NSA controversy: The NSA is nothing. Spyware and Adware companies collect more information — and spread it to God knows where — than the NSA, CIA or FBI. Why doesn't anyone complain about that? At least law enforcement agencies are trying to protect us.

AM writes about Shaq: A GIANT Grrr! goes out to the female reporter who interviewed Shaquille O'Neal after the Christmas Day basketball game between Miami and L.A. She unsuccessfully tried to stir up drama by asking Shaq about his post-game contact (or lack of) with Kobe Bryant. A non-Grrr! goes out to Shaq, who smartly replied, "Merry Christmas, everybody" as he walked off the court and bypassed answering her question. He showed class and didn't allow the media to create any more drama.

Mary Sto writes: Keep on writing, Mike! It's refreshing to hear someone take a stand for common sense.

Bill in cyberspace writes: I am glad someone enjoys the holidays for what they are. A time to spend with family, friends and in good company. No matter what your religious beliefs or personal views, this time of year is for remembering the good from the past year and anticipating the good for the coming one. So Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year .... I love your column and look forward to reading it in the New Year.

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