Your Grrrs December 27, 2005

Your Grrrs...

Bill in Denver, CO writes: I second the nomination for the Oblivion of the Year!! Typical of the elected officials to take the easy way out and not focus on the real issues because that would require them to actually use their brains. What's next, passing legislation that requires TV broadcasters to start their show at the time listed in the TV guide? Looking forward to another year of Grrrs.

Bill, further to that, Tivo and other DVR owners would like to see laws passed that would force TV guide services to be able to record their favorite shows on time...even after a football game runs long. Ha.

DJ in Atlanta writes: My heart breaks for the Dungy family with the loss of their son. Nothing can compare to the loss of a child; the only thing that could possibly make it worse is it being right around Christmas. My husband said here is a man who is well respected by virtually all that he knows, who is at the pinnacle of his career, and it means nothing right now. It certainly puts into perspective the trivial everyday irritations that we all complain about and read about in this column. I only hope that this family (as well as any other family who is dealing with a loss right now - death doesn't only affect those who are famous) can find some peace throughout the holidays and the rest of their grieving process. God bless them.

Samerra in Chicago: My GRRR is towards all those people complaining about hearing "Merry Christmas"! I am an immigrant Muslim living in Chicago, and I don't celebrate Christmas. BUT, that doesn't mean that I don't want to hear the phrase "Merry Christmas" or wish it to others who are celebrating it... People need to grow up and stop pouting like a bunch of 5 year olds! This is a free country, that means its free for everyone, not just for the minorities. AND, this is a predominantly Christian country. Of course you hear "Merry Christmas"! I would feel sad if I don't! I don't feel offended if someone wishes me a "Merry Christmas". I actually feel happy that they are including me in their celebration!!! SO, all those people of other faiths or no faith that are offended by "Merry Christmas", stop complaining and GROW UP!!! Thanks for letting me vent. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Jim C in Weymouth, MA: After reading numerous articles about the transit strike in New York , I was reminded of one of my biggest Grrrr's: Subway is not a synonym for train. A subway is a tunnel through which trains run. I've worked for the transit authority in Boston for almost 20 years, so, trust me, I know what I'm talking about. It's damn irritating to hear this mistake constantly being made. I know it's a relatively minor thing, but most Grrr's are!

Gary D in Siloam Springs, AR: I hate listening to those complainers who can’t stand the brutal cold. It could be 45 degrees and they will complain! It might freeze, it might snow, it might do what it often does in Winter – act like winter. So the complainers verbally wish Summer were here right now. So, here is my rendition of “A Cold-Weather Complainer’s Ode to Summer.”

Oh joy! Hurray! Good-bye cool temperatures and low humidity. Give me eight months of hot, humid, bug-ridden, toxic exhaust-laden smog, laced with sonic booms from car radios at street intersections; Fuming trucks and recreational vehicles lined up for miles obscuring the view of billboards displaying bank messages crying out to mortgage your home and children and take that vacation you so wantonly crave! No more bundling up those pounds around the gut and butt against the cold, but revealing it to any and all who dare gawk at our pre-tanned moles and opaque shins. Hurry, oh Sunlight and blue-gray hazy and cloudless sky, for we desire to lust behind our sunglasses at the pool and dwindling lakeside, to hear the muted laps of stagnant algae-covered waves competing with flies and mosquitoes. Hurry, heat of Summer, as we want to try out our new air conditioners that drone into the deep of night, competing with the sputtering sound of water sprinklers beyond our locked, double-paned windows. Shimmer, oh heat of day, and dance on the asphalt and concrete, and wilt the flower that dare show its blossoms, for I crave you. Wretched Winter, be gone, I say! Be gone! Come, oh Drought, child of the tropic desert heat, for I tire of shivering. This is a Grrrrr if ever there was one!

Edam writes: I'm not quite sure that there is a GRRR moniker for Santorum, perhaps Obliviticion? Apparently, Rick thinks that no one can see right through him.

Brock in Portland, OR: Grrr to the whole movie theatre industry: Why don't you just breakdown and sell reserved seats like most other events do so that Oblivions don't push and shove their way to the better seats. I, too, went to King Kong at a local multiplex and was completely taken aback by the rudeness I observed.

Dan in Del Rio, TX: It is the height of irony if not hypocrisy that a group of “Danish Muslims” were offended by “Jewish Cookies”. In these times when we in Western civilization are getting multiculturalism and tolerance shoved down our throats, other groups are getting a pass and an apology for blatant intolerance. If they are offended because of the name, then I can only assume that being Jewish is offensive to these zealots! How intolerant is that!

RB from Htown writes: My Grrr goes to pharmacies that want you to come back over 2 hours after dropping off your prescription. Yesterday, after staying home from work and visiting the doctor, I went to the pharmacy to get my antibiotic. I thought I would be able to take my drugs, go home and suffer in peace. Alas, I was told to come back two hours later to pick it up. I dragged myself out of the house and complied with their request only to find out that my prescription had not yet been filled, I would need to come back again. How long could it possibly take to put 15 pills into a bottle and hand it to me? Being ill, it was hard enough to drag myself to the pharmacy once, let alone 3 times. Unfortunately, this is not the first time this has happened with any pharmacy I have visited. When did it become acceptable for pharmacies to have such poor customer service?

Willie in Yucaipa, CA: Well, you finally got me to write. I've been reading and enjoying Strakalogue for many months now, and as several recent correspondents have written, I could read a fresh column every day. But today your column finally got to me. You have those new green links to thank for that. As if there isn't enough advertising on already, these "greenies" are the final insult. The next time I hit your URL and see even ONE greenie, I will quickly migrate to another site. Now, we have to ask, "Who's the Obliviot???" The bell tolls for thee!

Lee Rogers asks: So, according to your logic everyone who speaks the truth is an Oblivion. What does that make you, a line tower?

Lee, the expression is "toe the line," not "tow the line." Although I did drive a wrecker when I was in college, and back then, I towed cars. The line we had was called a winch.

Scott B writes: I read your article frequently and typically like your takes on societal idiocy. While the idea of legislation forcing showtimes to be published is a bit over the top, I do feel some empathy for those motivating the action for one simple reason: i've been embarassed for myself, my wife, and kids many times because of the content in previews. I understand that risk exists in going to a movie theater, but the level of sexual content and violence in previews (after all, they're trying to attract people to the upcoming movies, right?) is getting out of control. I have found myself wishing that I had arrived late a few times recently and thus been able to miss the unexpected barrage of sex, drugs, and violence preceding a G or PG rated film.

Tim Kennedy writes: I couldn't agree more with your picks of Obliviots! The one person I expected to see on the list wasn't there: Tom Cruise. There is a person who is definitely in his Own Private Idaho. Keep up the great work and Merry Christmas to you, too!

Becky from Boise writes: In my years I have thought I had seen it all, but last night when I went to Wal-mart to get 2 items, when I went up to the checkout lines and saw the long lines in even the express, I decided to do the self checkout. There was a lady with so much stuff she couldn't even fit it all on her space alloted, which isn't a lot because these are for quick checkout, was also on her phone!! She would scan a few items, then talk, then try to fit all her things in the two bags which were overflowing. I was there for 15 minutes and she was still scanning and hadn't even reached the ones still in her basket. Not only was she in the way, it probably took her 4 times longer to do it herself, and that includes the time of standing in line. duh!!!

Jeff in Spencer, NY: Public spying from the NSA doesn't Grrr me. People who complain our rights are being violated because of the NSAs right to bug phones and emails GRRRRs me! Come on people, what's the big deal with someone from the NSA listening in on your phone call to your brother, wife, friend, or lover. If you're not doing anything wrong, there's no need to worry. In fact, the people from the NSA don't even know who you are. So are you going to be embarrassed that some pencil pusher from the NSA hears you slept with your best friends wife, or that your cat is dying from cancer? They don't know who you are, what do they care if your dog was hit by the neighbors drugged out kid.

Now if one of your co-workers gets a call from some radical group in Iran, waking his cell, and telling him to blow up some building in your city, you can bet people are going to be complaining our government failed them. I can prove this, because it's already happened. After 9/11 people, along with the press, demanded our government do more to protect us. Well folks, the government is doing something to protect us. They're monitoring phone calls and emails for terrorist activity. They are finding people that are talking about blowing up buildings, or releasing poisonous toxins in the air. And all the media and half of the U.S. is calling for the NSA to stop. I have friends who feel it's wrong their phones may be bugged or tapped. I tell them, if we stop the tapping now, and someone kills your son in a terrorist attack in the U.S. again, all you can do is blame yourself. You asked the tapping to be stopped, and your son died. Good job!

John B writes: First grrrr and last grrrr time grrrr I'll grrrrrrr waste grrrrrrrr my grrrrrr time grrrrrrr reading grrrrrrr your grrrrr column. P.S. the grrrrrrrrrs and oblivicomments are not at all annoying!

Sherry in Georgia writes: Your column rocks! I may not always agree with your views, but I know that I'll get straightforward info and insight. Merry Christmas to you and yours, Mike.

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