Your Grrrs: Dec. 7, 2006

Here are just a few of the many responses received regarding Mike's last column:

Arlene T. from Battle Creek, Mich., writes: Red Skelton would have never gone on a program drunk or under the influence and would have something original and funny prepared for the ladies on “The View" ... he wouldn’t have ever mocked a president or other public servant during an entertainment program (or any other public forum for that matter). Skelton was a true professional with a unique and creative sense of comedy and drama.

Though Danny DeVito is a highly talented and respected man in the business, he embarrassed himself on national TV, plain and simple. I can’t imagine Walters was happy about it. And If I were her, I would have been even more upset that her co-hosts embraced his demeanor (the “poor baby” attitude didn’t work with me). It could have been an amusing segment with the women and DeVito with the promotion of his movie, but everyone forgot about Christmas and what he was there to promote as soon as he started talking nonsense. These stars that go out in public and behave badly need to remember they’re biting the hand.

Sheila M. Grrrs: Since when do you decide who gets a "huge pass"? He acted like a buffoon and insulted himself, his audience and his country. Why was he sleeping in the White House in the first place? It's money and power and that is the same reason he is getting a huge pass. Red Skelton would have had a lot more respect and humility. I believe the media underestimates what we "average" people think and it's time for expectations of integrity from those who squander their position. It's certainly not funny. Grrr.

Staci M. writes: Not that I like to defend Iran or anything, but how is a parody of a couple of comics making fun of Bush, Blair and Rice any different than "SNL" doing the same with Kim Jong-Il or Pres. Ahmadinejad? Just a thought? We can dish it but we can't take it?

Kevin M. writes: Mike, through all the media storm about Britney and her ilk, we blame the media, we blame the TV, we blame the paparazzi, we just don’t blame ourselves. We watch the shows, we download the videos, we buy the magazines. The folks in the limelight are the smart ones, they are milking us for all our money, which we happily give, if only to complain about what they are doing. We should stop and think about it, but that’s not the American way. We only have to look in the mirror to realize that we are at fault (not just Americans, it’s all of humanity) for all that is wrong with our world. So look up, look out, make it a better world for ourselves and all those who follow!

M.D. in Michigan writes: Don't you think Gwyneth Paltrow is deserving of a nomination to your next GRRR column? Americans are too capitalistic??? Nothing like indicting herself. I cannot believe the audacity of some of these actors and actresses. Although some have "talent" to be someone they're not, they seem to have traded in their mental capabilities and character for it!! Apologies to England for having to take her on!! GRRR

Carla in KC writes: What Michael Richards did was horrible. But, would someone?, anyone? explain to me what financial restitution would provide for those he hurled those insults to. I truly don't understand how money can make one's hurt feeling go away. A sincere person-to-person apology? Yes. A big fat check? Why???

Kymbreli S. Big Grrr of '06: I was watching the Big in '06 Awards on VH1 last night. Paris won the category for "biggest outlaw" or something to that effect. Other nominees included Mel Gibson, Dick Cheney and the likes. She got up to actually accept this award and THANKED HER FANS for voting for her. She didn't bother to take the time she had on camera with so many young people watching to warn of the dangers of drunk driving. Thanks Paris for being such a great role model.

Patrice in Syracuse, N.Y., Grrrlicious: Anyone else aggravated by the “licious” suffix? Today I saw a sign in the ergonomics office at work which read “Ergolicious!” Give me a break…

Chris T. responds to Nicol M. (Your Grrrs Dec. 5, 2006): Unbelievable? Perhaps but I can't believe Nicol M. doesn't get it. So what if her mom never wore undergarment?. I'd be willing to bet she also did NOT parade around town showing off her privates to every Joe Schmoe that happened to be walking by. Going commando is nothing new. The difference is how discreet or, as in this case, indiscreet one is about it. Get a clue!

Evelyn P. from Middletown, N.Y., write: To S. Nelson in Dallas, I must quote your GRRR regarding Britney Spears "Why must this child prove to the world that 'you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear?'" Now, when is being 25 years old considered being a child? Calling adults children GRRRs me more than Britney playing peek-a-boo with the paparazzi!!!

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