Your Grrrs: Aug. 9, 2005

Your Grrrs ...

Ray in Cyberspace on Rafael Palmeiro: I think you missed the point. I don't care if people take steroids, it's their life and if they want to take the chance, let them. The issue is lying under oath [as] someone of importance and a role model. We have enough people in lawmaking positions that have an ideology of "do as I say and not as I do."

Jeff Martin in Cyberspace, who inspired part of The Real Deal video: Why should I read sportswriters who are so out of touch with the players they cover daily (hourly?) that they don't know the prevalence of steroid use in the major leagues? If they are truly that ignorant, they should be dismissed as dilettantes. If they know but profess ignorance, they are liars. Either way they do not acquit themselves well in this affair. This blather in the sports pages of "I'm shocked, shocked I tell you!" is tedious and an insult to their readers' intelligence. Perhaps Rick Riley, Peter Gammons or some superstar sportswriter will spill the beans on what they actually know but until then, spare us your phony indignation.

Ryan in Cyberspace: Last time I checked, capitalism was based on competition. Now why would a consumer pay for a product that was inferior to a similar product offered by a competitor? I understand your point, but I feel that these issues are completely different. Taking performance drugs, which are illegal, is completely different from a company that offers a faster or stronger product. Technology and innovation are what fuel our economy and promote growth. I would hope that you are an advocate of economic growth and prosperity.

Robyn in Cyberspace: I read the column and I watched The Real Deal! You forgot: Viagra is sex on steroids!

Joe in an elevator: Here is a news flash for you and the rest of the PC crowd. Anyone who takes a substance that increases his or her edge over another person during an athletic event is cheating; anyone who swears under oath and lies commits perjury. Get it, noodle brain? It has nothing to do with cars, shopping malls or how we receive pictures on our televisions and how fast our computers respond.

Kathleen in Kentucky: We were at a local clothing etc. store a few nights ago. They were in the midst of a sale and my husband and I were looking to take advantage. We got back to our car just as a family got back to their cars. We were parked next to each other and since there were six of them (two parents and four kids) and there were just the two of us, we decided to wait for them to get settled before getting in our car. The mother even saw us and rushed her kids into her car. Her husband was being helpful, putting kids in car seats and opening her door. Then, he put her seatbelt on for her (which I found a little creepy) and then proceeded to MAKE OUT with her while we waited. After they finished, he took a drink of water from a large jug sitting on the floor of the front seat, shut her door and made his way to the driver's side. Being shocked by this display, all I could do is laugh as my husband says "would they qualify for your FOX News column?" and all I could do is shake my head yes while I laughed. I'm all for spouses being affectionate, but good Lord, keep it within reason and get out of my way before you go and get all lovey-dovey for the whole world to see. GRRRRRRRRR!!

Carlos in N.D.: Phil of Las Vegas’ gas station story reminded me of one of my Grrrs. Many times I have gone to a gas station where all the “correct” side pumps are taken and have a line of cars waiting. Usually there are one or two available pumps on the other (the “wrong”) side, and I pull up to it, pull the hose around the back of my SUV, fill up, pay and leave. What bothers me is not that most people don’t know that the hoses at most gas stations are long enough, it is the dirty looks I get from some of the other people in line as I get back in my SUV and go on my way.

Michael Myers in Elkhart, Ind.: Apparently Jason from California doesn't get out much. While I agree with 95 percent of what he said about Obliviot motorcyclists (almost always 20-28 years old and riding high-performance sport bikes), he is inaccurate about the cause of many motorcycle accidents. While almost all single-vehicle motorcycle accidents are caused by either the recklessness or inexperience of the rider, cars turning left in front of bikers account for the majority of car-motorcycle accidents. The biker is riding along minding his own business when an Obliviot driver turns left in front of the motorcycle. Guess who wins that one? The Obliviot driver takes his car to the body shop, the rider often goes to the morgue.

Joe in Greer, S.C.: Your story on steroid nation hits the nail squarely on the head. No longer is good enough, good enough. It's got to be the best, fastest, longest, tallest, most expensive, etc. Makes me want to throw up!!! My 14-year-old daughter starts high school in a couple of weeks -- she'll be going to school with 16 year olds driving HUMMERS!! The warehouse manager where I work spends $150 a week for private baseball lessons for his 12-year-old son. When I was growing up, we went over to the YMCA and signed up to play whatever sport it was we wanted to play, and played. When I started driving, I got to BORROW the family beater, and thought I had sprouted wings. My sneakers didn't have springs under the heel, they were canvas, with a star on my ankle. We got water from the faucet, not a $3 plastic bottle. Oh well, as my daughter would say, I'm so five minutes ago.

Darrell in Atlanta, Ga.: My Grrr is to the Obliviot I saw today at the gas station, pumping his gas while SMOKING A CIGARETTE. One well-placed spark or shower of sparks and we could have had an incendiary incident on our hands. Don't we learn at a young age that fire and gasoline do not mix? With behavior like this, it really makes you wonder why Oblivions have not extinguished themselves as a species.

Fred in Cyberspace: I just had to tell you about my run-in with an Obliviot this morning. I was walking back to my office building from a local store when I saw someone smoking and talking on her cell phone. I usually leave the smokers alone, but she was leaning against a sign that read "Building Air Intake No Smoking Within 20 Feet." I had to get her attention so that I could get her to read the sign she was leaning against. Once she read the sign, she walked away.

Paula in Pennsylvania: My Grrr is for all of the people in Wal-Mart, the grocery stores, anywhere that get upset when my small children don't speak to them. They start talking to them, my kids hide behind me, so they get in their faces. No they are not shy, YOU are a STRANGER! I tell my kids all the time not to talk to strangers, but when they listen to what I've told them, people act like I have rude children. I've lost count of how many times this has happened. My girls always look at me and say "that stranger talked to me." I'm sorry if you think it's rude that my three-year-old won't speak to you, but I'd rather have her do that then talk to everyone she sees. It's a scary world, people, I'm just trying to look out for my kids. I try to be nice and smile and thank them when they compliment my girls, but I don't know you either and I'm not taking any chances.

Bryan in Cyberspace: A huge GRRRR!! goes out to people who are against the Dove soap ads with the “natural” models. I am so sick of seeing bony celebs like Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie being paraded around like a bunch of bobblehead dolls on TV, magazines and the Internet. What kind of message is being sent when our kids are imitating these refugee camp wannabes? It’s refreshing to see women the way women really look in real life, not poster children for the national foundation for anorexia. Thank you, Dove!!!

Desiree in Bloomington, Minn.: Love your column!! My GRRR goes out to all of the bicyclists my husband and I see almost on a daily basis who think they DO NOT have to stop at Stop signs!!! We saw one last week almost get nailed by a car making a right-hand turn after the car stopped at the Stop sign as he was supposed to, because the biker whizzed through the Stop sign, apparently completely oblivious to the fact that they also have to stop at the stop sign.

Steve in Alabama: This is in response to Jason in Calif. "On motorcyclists who complain about other drivers." First of all, don't lump all motorcycle riders in to one big fat category like I should people like you. Most motorcycle riders do not pass in between lanes doing 85, that distinction is usually saved for the idiots on crotch rockets who think that if a bike can go 150, that's the way it should be driven. I ride a Harley Davidson as do most of my friends. I and all the others I ride with respect all traffic laws and maintain the speed limit. Usually we try to find back roads (where the speed limits usually range between 50 and 55 MPH) in order to get away from drivers like you. Less traffic, less chance of getting run over by a car or truck. I've been riding motorcycles for 34 years and have seen my share of accidents, and it has been my experience that most accidents are caused by Oblivions like yourself who have the "I'll show you" mentality for others' safety. I have been in three car vs. motorcycle accidents and all have been the result of the driver of the car not paying attention, or they think they can pull out in front of us and we should be able to slow down or stop in time. I'm not saying that we are completely faultless, but we are not cars ... we can't stop as fast and most time when we have to, the result is us having to lay our bikes down in order to keep from crashing. Thanks for letting me share my opinion and the opinion of a heck of a lot other bikers out there. Steve in Alabama and an EXCELLENT driver, but who's scared as hell of drivers like Jason.

Julie in Cyberspace: Movie theater stalkers ... Why is it that when I'm sitting in a big, empty theater, the Oblivions must sit in the row right in front of me when there are only about 100 other empty rows?? Not only do they choose the row right in front of me, but they make sure to strategically place the tallest person in front of my 3-year-old? Did they even look to see? No, because they are OBLIVIOUS!!!!!

Bull in Cyberspace: To Leslie in Pottstown, I would love someone to get in the bumper cars and start yakking on their cell phone. All the idiots that do it on the road, and now here is one where it is perfectly acceptable and expected that I will bash my car into her car. With any luck I could hit her hard enough that her cell phone would go flying, so I could run over it. Would be a great chance to relieve my stress from all the cell-phone drivers on the real road.

Tim in Columbus, Ohio: Love the Grrrs. My new favorite may be the blinkoblivions, i.e. the people who at a blinking traffic light assume they have the right of way, in spite of the law that states: Treat disabled/blinking signals as a four-way stop.

Steven in Las Vegas: My Grrr goes out to the biggest Oblivions of all: Smokers! Exactly what is it about these people and their utter disregard for everyone around them!?!? This morning on my way to work I'm three cars back at a red light. The Obliviot in front of me finishes sucking on his cancer stick and promptly flicks it out the window of his car. Hey, thanks for making our world even uglier, champ! So then the light turns green and before the first car goes, she flicks her used butt out the window of her car. Seriously, exactly what in the heck is your problem, smokers? The world is not your ashtray/trash can. Quit flicking your butts out the window, losers!! *ahem* So I get to work finally and approach the building, and there are four smokers standing about 2 feet from the door like they are guarding the building against some possible attack. So I wonder and then ask them why it is they feel the need to stand right by the door smoking. We non-smokers don't appreciate having to wade through their cancer cloud. Their response was basically for me to use another door if I don't like it. Gotta love their concern for others! So Grrr to all you Obvliot Smokers!! (hmmm I guess those are redundant terms).

Sarah in White Plains, N.Y.: I was recently on a flight from Houston to New York and the guy in front of me reclined his seat so far back in my lap that I could hardly move the entire 3 1/2 hour flight! Forget about putting the tray down when it was time to eat. My tray was pressed up so tight against me it ruined any appetite that I had. When I would move my legs and accidentally hit the back of his chair (how could I avoid it?) he would turn around and give me the most dirty look. I understand putting your seat back a touch, but have some common courtesy for the person behind you, who paid just as much money for their tickets as you did. Grrrrrrr to you!

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