Your Grrrs: Aug. 3, 2006

Here are responses to Mike's last column:

Denise C. writes: A big fat GRRRR to Lindsay Lohan's mom for "lashing out" at the studio exec who reprimanded her daughter. What an idiot. She feels that his comments to Lohan were "way out of line" because she's 19?? Give me a break! She's the one who's way out of line for sticking up for her! The worst part is her lame mother sticking up for her horrible behavior. Her mother is an enabler, and that's sad, because apparently no one has taught Lindsay to take responsibility for her actions. If she wants to party all night long, so be it, but she should be willing to face the music the next day when she's hungover and has to work for 12 hours ... for a few million dollars. And by the way, isn't the legal drinking age 21? Can anyone say rehab?

Chuck P. writes: I must say that Lindsay needs to be booted from the set and slapped upside the head with a large halibut! She is underage and partying late into the night? Then complains that it's hot out? Boo-freaking-hoo Lindsay! I work in the Industrial Wastewater Pretreatment department in a company in Lancaster, Pa., and today the heat index in the room is 115 degrees with 95 percent humidity! I am here at least 20 minutes early and have never been late. Now, I don't party late into the night because I HAVE A WORK ETHIC!!! Fire the girl and bring her back into the land of reality.

Ruth writes: Which is scarier, how many of your readers feel strongly enough about "Jeopardy!" that they write in, or how many people are up to date on Ken, his intentions and his blog? Yikes! Amen to the pangs and the morons who comment on the heat, it is all I can do not to just yell for them to stop talking about it. I have a more localized Grrr! about the heat that many may not appreciate, but the guilty parties need to wise up and shut up. I'm a Minnesotan, and while to many it's the "Nation's Icebox" in the winter, folks need to realize it gets plenty hot here in summer. And being the "Land of 10,000 Lakes," you better believe it's grossly humid most of that time. So many clueless folks I meet in airports feel obliged to comment on how it must be a lot cooler in Minnesota. It's not -- and who cares anyhow? Just how rare is good small talk?

Jason writes: Start complaining about the heat after you have stood in the middle of an asphalt intersection directing traffic for two hours, wearing a Kevlar vest and black police uniform. Try this in the Phoenix area where the temperature recently hit 118. Or better yet, walk a mile in the shoes of our soldiers in Iraq who are going on patrol every day wearing body armor in the desert heat. My point is: STOP WHINING. If you can't handle the heat, move to Alaska.

Shannon writes: OK, Mel Gibson got drunk and did something stupid. He's not the first person to do so and won't be the last. At least he didn't hurt himself or anyone else. And yes, he allegedly said some very unkind (some people would say "despicable") things. He has apologized. He has entered rehab. So what's with the calls that "his apology is not enough!" "He is not sincere!" (How can you measure someone's sincerity from a written statement?) "He needs to be punished for his anti-Semitic views!" The man has apologized. He has become a public spectacle. What kind of "punishment" does he deserve for saying something stupid while drunk? A public flogging? Branding a scarlet "AS" (for anti-Semite) on his forehead? I wouldn't want to be held accountable for things I've said (and done) while under the influence of alcohol, and I'm not remotely the public figure Mel Gibson is. He made a very human mistake. No one was hurt. He apologized! Let it go! Obviously the man is a multi-millionaire: If he is shunned by Hollywood and never works again (would that be fitting "punishment"?), I doubt he'll end up begging for food in the street. Why not take those blood-thirsty cries for "punishment" and turn them where they'll do some good: call for tougher laws on DUIs.

Katie M. writes: Sure, the director should've "known" that Lindsay Lohan is a partier, but she did choose the life of acting, and being paid to act requires "real" work. Imagine if recent graduates in their first professional job showed up to work late and hungover -- what do you think would happen to them? They would get fired -- not just pay docked, but fired! It doesn't matter that that's how they acted in college just a month ago -- drinking every night and skipping classes. Just because she's famous doesn't mean she should not be held accountable for her own irresponsible actions. Maybe if she would just eat something she wouldn't pass out!

Abby writes: Grrrrrr to Eleanor Holmes-Norton for appearing on a comedy show and calling the host a “bland vanilla man." Now can you imagine the fit she would have thrown if someone had jokingly called her a “dull chocolate woman”? The double standards that are prevalent today are what fuels the fire of racism. That is no joke! Every white person should be appalled at her remark and should demand an apology. Grrrrrrrr!!!

Brad S. writes: While it might seem like a good idea to put shopping carts in the mall in the winter, I can tell you from experience that it is a horrible idea! A few years ago, they added a Super Wal-Mart to one of the few indoor malls here in the San Diego area. This behemoth has made the mall go downhill in my opinion. Now you have to avoid Walmartians and their carts trying to navigate throughout the entire mall. I specify Walmartians as to blame because for years Sears has had shopping carts at this same mall, and I never had a run-in w/a Sears shopper outside of Sears. Somehow, Sears customers know to leave the carts in Sears. Walmartians don’t seem to think that pushing a Wal-Mart cart through Victoria’s Secret is odd at all. Shopping carts at a mall is a terrible idea. Let me know when you’ll be visiting the San Diego area. Not only can your baby Maxine play w/my 2.5 year old son, but I can show you the horrors associated with shopping carts in the mall.

Steve A. writes: Willie Nelson, do the United States a big favor! SHUT UP. We don't care about you, the Dixie Chicks and any other FAMOUSPERSON/Importants' political views. Just sing your songs and entertain us but don't think for one minute that your uneducated views matter to me or for that matter, the majority of Americans. As for the Dixie Chicks, they're paying for their stupidity with cancelled shows and unsold tickets. Nothing beats voting with one's pocketbook!

Kristie N. writes: Mike, I am not prejudiced in any way, form, or fashion. However, I have a big grrrrrrr. I hate it when I call into customer service at my Internet service provider and can not understand the person trying to help me on the other end. I know that most of these jobs are outsourced to India or some other foreign country and I am not at all prejudiced, but PLEASE, have these people be able to speak audible, understandable ENGLISH. It is very frustrating. I just spent 20 minutes trying to communicate with a lady that could not speak understandable English due to her severe accent and I eventually had to give up, hang up and dial back into the long waiting loop, hoping to get someone else that I could understand.

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