Your Grrrs: Aug. 29, 2006

Here are some responses to my last column...

Leslie T. in Montgomery County, Pa.: A man in my county was recently sentenced to 23 months in prison for killing a cat! It wasn’t just some fluffy innocent cat — it was a potentially rabid cat that scratched a little girl so badly that she had to get stitches. How’s that for justice, especially when pedophiles, rapists and murderers walk free or get parole after a year or two??! Contrary to popular public opinion, a cat’s life is not as valuable as a human’s!

Amber writes: While I enjoyed your list of cool names, I fear people are getting too out of hand with giving their kids a name that "stands out." Of course celebrities lead the way, but when I hear of kids named Thumper and Foreal (yes pronounced Fo' Real) it's just ridiculous. Grrr to parents who think giving their kid a "unique" name outweighs the consequence of their child suffering ridicule and possible playground beatings!

JW in Deinson, Texas: Great story about "unusual" names. As a teacher, one of the things I hated most about the first day of the semester was calling the roll for the first time. There should be a waiting period between the birth and the naming of the baby — to give the mother time to wake up. And maybe visit with a counselor. Need I write more?

Lisse in D.C. writes: My big, fat GGGRRRRRR goes to the press. Am I the only person sick and tired of the excessive news overage being given to the pervert who killed this girl a while ago??? Sorry, I can't even bring myself to pronounce his name. Am I the only one who finds it tasteless, tacky, utterly unnecessary and just plain ridiculous the need to describe with morbid detail every single step taken by police to bring this pervert to the USA???? Am I the only one who finds it disgusting that the family of this pervert, while defending him and providing alibis, booked a movie producer to sell the rights for a movie/book deal?????? Am I the only person out there who finds this utterly unjust and offending????? (Hopefully no one will buy it!!!!)

Am I the only one in the USA who thinks this kind of coverage is hinting at a lack of interest in covering other news (read: actually looking for news of any interest to the public)??? Why is it necessary to have a cameraman and a news "reporter" in the plane with this pervert???? Isn't that a little over-the-top?

Why, oh why oh why can't we move on to other things????? Why do I have to change news channels every 10 minutes because of the constant repetition of "news" related to this pervert???? What?? The press has nothing else to report on???? Why is it sooo important to report on this pervert???? The Baseline killer has killed more people, is still on the loose and is not getting half the attention. I don't remember the BTK killer or the Green River killer getting so much attention. I would understand this kind of "attention" if the military caught/killed bin Laden, but for this pervert … puuuulease!!!!!

Chares in Tennessee writes: Mike, here are some things that make me want to hurt someone on a daily basis:

1. When I am told to "check something out", usually in advertising. Hey, check it out! Hey, somebody please come up with a new catch phrase!
2. When I am told "no problem" instead of "you're welcome" after getting help from a store clerk. Why would it be a problem? Gee, I'm so relieved that I didn't inconvenience you!
3. When I am told "have a nice day" at the grocery store instead of "thank you for your business, sir." Is your business doing so well that you don't have to thank your customers?
4. Being referred to as "guys" at the restaurant instead of "sir" and/or "ma'am," especially in the South! "How you guys doing today?" "What can I get for you guys?" PLEASE! Newsflash — "guys" is not a Southern term! Can we get any more casual as a society?
5. When I am bombarded with erectile dysfunction product ads on TV or the radio. Is that really all some people think about?
6. When they repeatedly tell me that high blood pressure and diabetes somehow cause E.D. just so they can sell their product. When will they start telling me that E.D. is also caused by the common cold and athlete's foot?
7. Same as above, only for male enhancement products. I feel so inadequate!
8. Those little ads that pop up in the lower corners of the TV when you're trying to watch something. That's why I have a program guide, thank you.

Mike in Atlanta: I just spent a weekend in a luxury hotel. There was a large group there that apparently had been out partying all night long. They got back in at 2 a.m. Besides the fact that they were laughing and talking in the hallway, they allowed their doors to slam shut. These doors are heavy and make a heck of a noise when they close by themselves. People allow this to happen even when they haven't been partying. I always take care to close my door quietly and mind the volume of my voice, but some people act as if they're the only ones staying in the hotel.

Joyce C. writes: Hey Mike, really enjoyed your GRR article about "Rock Star Supernova." I kept saying to myself before the first episode that I wasn't going to get sucked into watching it and well let's say that I have gone and done it. Love the show.

I host a rock 'n' roll program on public radio and can somewhat relate to what the contenders are going through to become the front person for Supernova. All of the guys, especially Dave Navarro, give excellent advice and they are not Simon Cowell nasty with their critiques. I was surprised when watching tonight's episode by the honesty put forth by Dave Navarro when Dilana was having an attack of nastiness toward some of her fellow rockers.

Also, Dave shared that in this business one must develop a thick skin because you deal not only with the positive publicity, but negative things being thrown at you from all ends. An aspiring singer or broadcast personality can learn a lot from this. Thanks for keeping an open mind and can't wait to see who will prevail. I am putting my money on the "Dark Horse" Ryan.

Bob writes: How can anybody keep a straight face and call it "reality" TV? I looked it up, "reality" means "not make believe; based on fact and observation."

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