Young and the Restless

Would you walk away from $20 million?

Lennox Lewis (search) did. He wants out of boxing, for good.

George Foreman (search) did not. He wants back in boxing, to do good. Apparently for the same $20 million. That's how much big George is guaranteed to fight again and how much Lennox Lewis "passed up" to fight again.

Neither guy needs the dough.

Lewis is about the richest heavyweight ever. George Foreman is about the richest pitchman ever.

But something inside Lewis told him he had enough and something inside Foreman told him he didn't have enough.

So Foreman will slug one more day and Lewis will ponder boxing no more days.

Foreman wants the limelight and Lewis wants to leave the limelight.

Lewis says he wants to exit the sport with his senses. Foreman says he wants to re-ignite geezers everywhere with his fists.

Two views of two different men: One happy to step off the stage, the other sorely missing being on that stage.

Fame and fortune can make you wish for more, or make you thankful for just having more.

A young champ understands that and an old champ is still coming to grips with that.

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