See what you're missing if you're not getting FOX Business Network?

A lot. A lot of heat. A lot of controversy. A lot of business. Definitely not as usual.

That's my goal on this network. And on the business network.

I figure you're due a lot more than a meaningless interview. Or another author hawking another book in another predictably fawning exchange.

I always remind authors of that. I will mention your book. Don't count on me praising your book.

Because by the time you come here, I promise you I will have read your book.

I think authors are due that much. You're due that much more.

I've done a couple of book tours myself, and I can tell you, I vastly preferred the exchange with the reporter who read my books than the ones who did not.

Even the challenging ones, yes, even the nasty ones. It's why I invite nasty e-mail and don't hide it.

And encourage heated debate and refuse to duck it. Some of you don't like that. From all indications, Secretary Madeline Albright really didn't like that.

But that's me.

And at the risk of sounding like a used car salesman, that's FOX Business Network too.

So if you're not getting it, maybe you should be demanding it.

Call your cable operator, because you should see what you're missing.

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