I bet you juggle quite a bit at home.

Paying the bills, shuttling the kids back and forth, planning family events.

Bet you handle it all… not easily. But you do. Day-in, day-out.

Oh, if Congress were so efficient.

In the most galling form on chutzpah I've seen in, I don't know, 24 hours, the Senate is punting on this whole drilling thing until after the election.

Specifically, this "Gang of 20," the 10 Republicans and 10 Democrats who has laid out a middle ground on energy are saying they're taking to high ground because the political climate is simply too hot right now.

And besides, this fixation on a financial rescue package is all-consuming.


I'm sure helping with your kids' homework can be all-consuming.

Handling those bills can be all-consuming.

Cleaning the house, and keeping up on home projects, bet they're all-consuming too.

But somehow you juggle.

Somehow you get them done.

Under enormous pressure, and even more enormous time constraints.

Would it be asking too much of our elected officials to try walking and chewing gum?

Because, if not, chew on this: We're not paying you to punt, we're paying you to perform.

And to juggle.

And to do something about our financial needs and our energy needs.

These are big issues, but you know what, countless Americans juggle big issues too.

They'd love to punt on some of those issues.

I'm sure they'd love to punt paying the bills.

Or sending the kids off the school.

Or postponing that big family project.

I'm sure they'd love to table a difficult financial undertaking.

But they can't. They don't. They won't.

Congress, you could learn a thing or two from the folks who elected you.

It's called discipline.

It's called life.

Because it's not about juggling your precious needs.

It's about remembering ours.

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