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Dear Viewers,

Bernie Grimm and I stayed late last night and answered your e-mails and we have video streamed them on this Website.

Here are some viewer comments about the Hacking case:

E-mail No. 1

My husband and I both love your show. Wouldn't miss it.
Keeping up with the Hacking case, I'm just wondering, since they lived in an apartment complex and police believe that she was killed in the home. Didn't anyone in the complex hear anything that night? Screaming, fighting, or wrestling around?
Especially Mark carrying the body wrapped in the mattress cover out of the building. I haven't heard any conversation on that.

DODIE: Good question ... you would think that if she were murdered in the apartment that someone might have heard something in an adjacent apartment. Maybe someone did and reported it to the police but we just have not been told.

E-mail No. 2

Dear Greta, do so enjoy your show. It is envigerating having all those legal eagles trying to spread their wings as they squawk out there thoughts.
As much as I have listened to the show no one has tagged what Mark Hacking is doing in regards to his behavior after Lori was missing. The clinical term for his actions is "malingering". That is when a person fakes at one behavior in order to avoid taking responsibility for their
actual behavior.

My theory as to why he killed her is: his game plan was thrown completely off when she said she was pregnant. He (being in the "medical community") wanted an abortion, she refused, he couldn't have that and so he killed her. A baby being brought into the world was too
much of a truth for him to bear. He's not insane, maybe bi-polar. The extreme lies that he got away with lead me to alert on the bi-polar disorder.


E-mail No. 3


First I would like to tell you that I first got aquainted with you during the OJ Simpson trial. Honestly, I wasn't overly fond of you at first, but as you have been on Fox news and since I watch it pretty much all day, every day, I have grown to like you and have a lot of respect for you.

I find your show very informative and fair and you definantly have it going on!!

Now, I just caught the tail end of your show last night. I watched the Video Tape of Mark as he returned to the Convience Store at about 1:00am the day Lori was pronounced missing. The thing that really stuck out to me was once he got up to the counter, the Clerk was obviously busy doing something else. As Mark stood there he began to examine his hands. First the back of them, then the palms, then he examined his fingernails and then moved his watch and looked at his wrist underneath where the watch would sit. My impression of this behavior would be someone who had quite likley just washed his hands or had come in contact with something and he looked to me as though he was just checking, one more time to make sure there was nothing "unusual" or "suspicous" on them that the Clerk could possibly notice. This would indicate to me that he had been doing something possibly messy, such as disposing of Loris' body or the mattress or something soiled. It seemed strange to me and I really believe gives the impression he had something messy to clean up and/or hide. What do you think? Did anyone else see this
or get this impression? I would be curious to know. Thanks!



E-mail No. 4

Concerns Regarding The Hacking Case:
You and your "experts" talk much on the time-line, yet say nothing about recreating the possibility of the act. Specifically, how did Mark kill his wife in the apartment, dissect the mattress, haul her and its top section to a dumpster that was apparently picked up and taken to a landfill Monday morning, then haul the remaining mattress to another dumpster that wasn't taken to the landfill, then take Lori's car to a canyon or whatever, and what, walk back home?
I suggest that your "experts" recreate the plausibility of these numerous events with consideration of both time and distance. Apparently Mark was a busy boy between 9:30+ P.M. and daylight or so. Could he have done it as reported? Did he have an accomplice?
On a separate thought-what's with the landfill search? A backhoe could carefully rake through the small amount of deposits made at a specific location between Monday and Tuesday, and find something within a day or so. The landfill may be forty feet deep, but not with a very specific two day's worth of new loads that the landfill lady even acknowledged could be logistically, and specifically, traced. These thoughts are intended to be constructive. Regards, and keep up the good work. I remain a viewer.



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