I'm back from vacation... and wonderful times with family and friends.

So much going on in the world though during these dog days of August: violence and then a truce in the fighting between Lebanon and Israel; an uncovered plot to blow up U.S.-bound airlines traveling from London; frightening and ever-escalating situations in Iran and North Korea. And, closest to home for all of us here at FOX, the abduction of our colleague Steve Centanni and his cameraman, Olaf Wiig. We all pray, and many work, to secure their safe return to their families and friends.

Too often in America we don't appreciate the freedom that we have and just how precious it is. It has come at a heavy and ongoing cost. The ability to sit on a beach and catch up with loved ones becomes a most treasured experience in light of what is going on in the world. There is so much at stake right now — in the world — and here at home.

I am in the process of gearing up for travel and coverage of the midterm elections this fall. Those elections will decide the majority in the legislative branch and could have a monumental impact on the direction of the War on Terror and the war in Iraq. The outcome of the elections will decide the direction our country will head when it comes to our security and our freedom.

Senator Chuck Hagel recently suggested that the political debate over which party has the right answers has become politicized to a dangerous degree. I'm not sure I agree. It seems to me that if you believe that Republicans or Democrats are in a better position to lead us in these dangerous times, there is no more important political question to answer. Republicans charge that Democrats are "soft" on terror. Democrats charge that the administration has led us down an un-winnable path in Iraq and that it has distracted from the War on Terror. There are congressional seats in the balance and we need to give very serious thought to the barbs being traded. We must choose the right candidates and we must hold their feet to the fire, because there is fire. There is fire in Tehran, in North Korea, in Syria, in Gaza and in many places across this great planet.

I look forward to shedding light on these crucial races across the country. We will begin our special segment at 2:20 p.m. ET on September 5. Each day we will endeavor to bring all of us to a greater understanding of "What is at stake?"

We will look at congressional leadership positions that are vulnerable. We will report on the anti-war and anti-incumbent sentiment that will play a vital role in the decisions to come. Can Republicans convince Americans to keep them in power, or will Democrats seize an opportunity to take back the reins? These are important times and stories that matter. I hope you'll join me.

See you tomorrow,

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