You Can Run, But You Can't Hide...

You can run, but you can't hide. That is the subject of this evening's "Talking Points Memo."

Last night, I was supposed to have a high-level conversation with a top person in the Kerry campaign.  Didn't happen.  And this morning, we found out the senator will appear on MSNBC, the last place cable news network.

"Talking Points" believes Kerry's decision was made because our "almost- Kerry" interview series the talk of the nation.  Last night, "Washington Post" assistant managing editor Bob Woodward (search) told us Kerry wouldn't answer his questions, even though they were submitted in advance.

The Kerry campaign has made a tactical decision that it is simply too risky for their guy to go up against journalists like Woodward and your humble correspondent. The Kerry people believe they can win by being cautious in the last few days. They know MSNBC is a fairly safe haven.

Al Gore (search) made the same mistake.  He was overly cautious as well and lost.  This time around, President Bush is being more aggressive with the national press than Kerry, even though the senator is a better talker.

Now I take none of this personally, but I do believe a presidential candidate must answer some important questions and Kerry simply has not. We've proven that the last two programs, and we'll prove it again tonight.

The American people have a right to know not only what the candidate believes, but how he has arrived at those beliefs. I still don't know what Kerry's Iraq plan is. One day, he's sending more troops. The next day, he's organizing a withdrawal.

The senator is against gay marriage.  Why?  The senator has no border plan, even though millions of illegals continue to pour in here.  How is Mr. Kerry going to pay for universal healthcare?  Taxing the rich isn't going to do it.  The questions go on and on.  And I believe the senator owes us some answers.

Now independent-thinking Americans know smoke when they see it.  The questions I have for Senator Kerry aren't gotcha.  They're simple because I'm a simple guy.  But I'm smart enough to know a dodge when I see one. And I'm seeing one.

And that's "The Memo."

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

This coming Sunday, of course, is Halloween. Then comes the holiday season. So, because we like, you we've designed a brand-new logo for our "Factor" gear. Look at that. It's an embroidered American flag over the heart of all our gear with the words "No Spin" underneath.

Now the first thing we have in there is ladies sweatshirts with that logo on it, and soon we'll have other stuff.  We also have "Spin Stops Here" sweatshirts, of course, which are flying out of  But I really love this logo.  It's really -- you know, simple, flag, "No Spin."

As always, all the profits I get goes to charity, especially ones that help children.  So everybody wins here:, the No Spin holiday place.  Nothing ridiculous about it.

Maybe I should, on my little Arnold Brandt (search) suit here, have the flag and the "No Spin."

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