Yoko Ono (search) isn't known for her voice, but it's still a hot commodity. The famously off-key singer and wife of John Lennon has the No. 1 single on the dance chart.

"Everyman.../Everywoman... (Basement Jaxx Club Mix)" is a mix of techno beats and her screeching vocals. It's her second No. 1 dance song this year.

Ono says once she allows someone to remix her song, she is hands-off and gives them rein to create beats and rework the song. But she isn't planning on grooving to any of her beats in the clubs soon.

"I don't think I'm the type of woman who can walk into a club by myself. I'm inhibited, I suppose," told AP Radio.

Ono, 71, is already working on her next single, a version of "Give Peace A Chance." She says she's says she's putting contemporary beats on it and she updated the words after the Sept. 11 attacks.