Enough of me talking about the French. I want to talk to the French.

FOX News is carried in France, although I doubt this particular show tops their Nielsen charts, but here it goes anyway:

I want to ask you French folks something: What gives? Why would you prefer to side with a Germany — a country that destroyed you — than countries like the United States and Britain that saved you?

I come from a country that looks at loyalties much like families. Blood is thicker than water. But you risk no blood, and what remains in your veins isn't water but ice.

Why would you trust a dictator whose promise that he means no harm any more than you trusted a guy who said the same thing to your country more than 60 years ago?

You are a peaceful people, you say. Here's what I say…

You risk being a foolish people as well. I'm not saying war is right. I am saying ignoring evil is wrong. I'm not saying our president is a saint. I am saying Iraq's president is a menace.

Yet you prefer defending Saddam Hussein than understanding us. I'm not saying you owe us. I am saying given the choice between Iraq and the U.S., you should at least prefer us.

You ask why my people are so upset? Maybe because we see you people as so shallow.

You call us provincial. We call you forgetful. You say we have a tin ear. We see you only with a tin cup. You have made your choice: Oil deals over the real deal. You say we are biased. You are right, because we were stupid enough to think you were a friend. And we were wrong. You are not.

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