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NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: You can find your mojo in a bottle, maybe even in a tube. The first topical Viagra could be in your hot little hands before you can say, "oh behave." Here's the guy who's trying, and proving that a real pill for folks who brought you that little blue pill, NexMed CEO, Y. Joseph Mo.

Mr. Mo, welcome.


CAVUTO: We're calling it a topical Viagra, but it has nothing to do with Pfizer, that makes Viagra, right?

MO: Right.

CAVUTO: OK, so tell me a little bit about this.

MO: Well, it contains an active ingredient that is used by secreted by the human prostaglandin gland. And it works topically.

CAVUTO: In other words, no pills. You just put it right on.

MO: Put it right on, right to the target spot.

CAVUTO: How quickly does it react?

MO: It works in 10 to 15 minutes, versus 60 minutes for the oral dosage form.

CAVUTO: And for some people, up to two hours, so this is real fast. How long does it last?

MO: It all depends. Roughly, probably a couple of hours.

CAVUTO: A couple of hours -- and you start up fast and you're going for a long time. Now, here's the deal, though. It's not reflected in your stock, oddly enough, and I'm wondering what the deal is. Is Wall Street doubtful of this, as we take a look at the chart here, what is going on?

MO: Well, we're just not that well-known on the market, No. 1. And also...

CAVUTO: I don't know, you say Viagra in a bottle, that's great marketing there.

MO: True. Our stock suffers just like most of the technology stocks over the past 12 months. Primarily, I believe investors are concerned with three major items of our company. No. 1, is the product development be able to complete our development process in the U.S., so...

CAVUTO: Yes, and a problem, also, is competition. Tell me about one, Lilly has that works for 24 hours. Yours doesn't work for 24 hours.

MO: Well, that may be good, that may be bad.

CAVUTO: Yes, absolutely. You're inside for the day. Now, Bayer AG, they have an unnamed one that they claim will similarly work all day long. Where are we going with this?

MO: There's all the so-called PD-5 inhibitors. They are all in oral dosage form.

CAVUTO: Now, is yours for females as well as males?

MO: Well, we have second product that contains identical active ingredient, but different formulation.

CAVUTO: But this one that could come out, this one could be for males and females, but mostly males would take advantage of it?

MO: That's right. The male one going for phase 3 clinical study in late October, and the female product is already in phase two clinical study in the U.S.

CAVUTO: What do you make of the fact that people are concerned about the health risks of this? Remember when Pfizer's pill came out, Viagra, and men with heart conditions had to be careful, they didn't want to overdo it. Any risk with your stuff?

MO: There are always concerns on any kind of drugs, but our product - - because we deliver our product locally and topically, so we just don't have those systematic side effects that are associated with the oral...

CAVUTO: So there's no problem with putting something like this topically on, or any -- that, to a lot of people, knowing what it can do would raise concerns about any medical side effects.

MO: Right. The side effects we have seen so far is certain patients experiencing some burning sensation, but those are temporary and reversible, only stay there for a very short period of time.

CAVUTO: What about the sociological effect? You hear from these people, when Viagra first came out, some women who were complaining that all of a sudden their rather inactive partners were suddenly becoming these, you know, Hugh Hefner types and they don't know how to deal with it.

MO: Well, now we are coming up with both, so we've got one for the female partner as well.

CAVUTO: How is this going to end up, do you think? If people took the topical and the pill, where are we going as a nation with this? We're going to be like drugged up, sexed up...

MO: Well, this is pretty much like alcoholism 20 years ago. People thought you had bad character, and you were alcoholic. And later on, now people now know this is a disease. So here we're treating a disease problem called erectile dysfunction.

CAVUTO: All right. Y. Joseph Mo, thank you very much. NexMed's CEO.

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