I'm getting a real sense for the first time that the holiday season is here and it wasn't because we spent two segments talking about turkeys. The weather cold, the numbers of fans from out of town plentiful, and once again James Rosen is covering the President in Crawford.

For the first time in about two years we had two separate phone call segments on the show today — 'Turkey of the Year' and the controversy over CNN putting an 'X' over Vice President Cheney while he spoke Monday night. I think it was a dead heat for 'Turkey of the Year' between Sandy "Socks" Berger and the "Today Show" canoe reporter who said the street was too flooded to walk in as pedestrians walked in front of the camera in shin-high water. As for whether the 'X' on the VP's face was intentional, our e-mailers voted 'yes!'

E.D.'s son, Wolf, stole the first hour with his impromptu role in a dangerous toy segment. General Delong gets my vote for best guest. Once again he shared his experiences from his nine visits on the ground in Iraq. By the way, he did say that even Saddam's generals thought they had chemical and biological weapons in their arsenal. In the end, General DeLong thinks they did not use them because the allies severed communication with Saddam and his troops. All his officers know they could not use WMD without Saddam's approval.

Also, I have to recommend Jonathan Foreman's book on patriotism. It's great to see a guy born in the UK who has so much international experience love America so much. He'll be back again soon because he has a brand new feature in Vanity Fair looking at his return to Iraq.

For a new twist this holiday season, be sure to grab a copy of my book, hard cover or paperback, aptly named "The Games Do Count." It can be found and signed at BrianKilmeade.com. The new release of E.D.'s "Going Places" has her in Austin this weekend — so go visit!

And, attention all military men and women! Thanks for your service and keep kickin' butt! We Love Ya! See ya Monday!


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