Worst Yet to Come?

So the Senate has worked out a compromise on the filibuster (search). Pity. You know why? Because the filibuster remains, that's why.

Debating incessantly remains.

Jawboning over just doing remains.

Yapping and never yielding to the majority remains.

Ignoring voters' wishes at the ballot box remains.

Parliamentary maneuvers remain.

Some who hailed this agreement say it ensures the finest traditions of the Senate. If these are fine traditions, then I'm a finely tuned long distance runner.

And newsflash: I'm not!

Only in Washington can they call ensuring things "not getting done" a sign that "something's getting done."

We're not idiots. But Washington seems to think we are.

Washington seems to think that we don't know how a minority party got to be a minority party.

They lost at the ballot box. Now they figure they're in a box. No problem. Invent rules that keep the majority in a box too.

Pity the corporate board if it had to act this way — constantly yielding to the dissident minority that never shut up.

I say, take your vote, cast your lot and then sit the hell down.

Democracy gives all a voice. Only in the U.S. Senate does it ensure something else — a tin ear.

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