Forty-five years after the British invasion of the Beatles, get ready for "the beast." And let's just say this invasion won't leave you singing, though it likely will leave you swooning.

More like fainting, actually.

That's because this latest "Fab Four" is more like a "Fab 50." Not four guys singing -- try another 50 percentage points in taxing.

You heard me right: Britain set to hike taxes on bonuses of more than $40,000 by 50 percent. Fifty percent. That's on top of a top income rate of roughly 40 percent; which, if you're doing the math, amounts to a top rate of 90 percent.

Ninety percent! Nine-oh-my-god-percent.

Can you believe this? Believe it!

And don't believe this bonus surtax is the one-time, one-year event they say it is. I have as yet to see a new tax go.

So, here we go. And in case you think what happens across The Pond stays across The Pond, remember it was across The Pond that we first heard talk of capping CEO pay. And now we're talking about capping CEO pay.

In Britain, where they first talked up re-regulating the financial industry. And now we've taken it one better by looking to do the same at scores of other industries.

Let's just say i think we're all in for a "Hard Day's Night." And trust me, more than my guitar is gently weeping.

And all this time our leaders have been saying stuff like, "I wanna hold your hand." Who knew they were actually looking to grab us somewhere else?

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