An international manhunt is under way for a father accused of falsifying court documents to obtain custody of his 10-year-old son in Texas and then fleeing with the boy.

Jean Philippe Lacombe, 41, is wanted on charges of kidnapping, aggravated perjury and interference with child custody after disappearing with his son, Jean Paul Lacombe.

The boy's mother, Berenice Diaz, said she last saw the pair at an airport on Oct. 17 — the day after Texas police took Jean Paul from her kicking and screaming at a school bus stop.

SLIDESHOW: Jean Paul Lacombe, Family

Click here to see video of Jean Paul Lacombe being taken off the bus.

"I saw Jean Phillippe at the Mexicana counter, and my son was sitting down at the waiting area in a seat, so I took him, I grabbed him and I said, 'Paul come, let's go,' and he said, 'No Mom, because if I go my dad will kill you,'" Diaz told Fox News Thursday.

Diaz said she was trying to assure Jean Paul that his father wouldn't hurt her when Jean Philippe came over.

"I started shouting for the police and I showed the policeman the paper where it said that he [Jean Paul] had to be in court on Monday, and he said that he can't do nothing because this is a court order."

Texas authorities said they had a court order to take the boy from his mother, but they since have issued warrants for the arrest of his father.

"The lawyers didn't make a right investigation of what the ... documents said, because I had the custody … so they didn't even call the judge in Mexico or the court in Mexico … they just believed what Jean Philippe brought to them," Diaz said.

"It is really frustrating for me," she added. "If you hear a boy crying out loud that he is mistreated by his father, and I cried out loud as well: 'Please don't let this happen.' They only said 'This is a civil matter.'"

According to Diaz, it's not the first time Lacombe has taken the boy.

"Last time he took him to France for two years, he was 5-years-old and in all that time we couldn't speak," Diaz said. "And he hit him during that time, and he left him home alone. ... That's why he's so scared about him."

Diaz's attorney Miguel Ortiz says Lacombe, who is from France, is wealthy and could go anywhere with the boy.

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