World's Fattest Man Hospitalized With Suspected Heart Attack

The world's fattest man was in a hospital Friday after a suspected heart attack, just one week after he announced plans to write his autobiography revealing his weight-loss tips.

Paul Mason, 48, was rushed from his home in Ipswich, Suffolk Thursday night in a reinforced ambulance after suffering agonizing chest pains.

Mason — who used to be 980 pounds, but slimmed down to 686 pounds — was seen clutching his chest and gasping for breath as paramedics hoisted him onto a massive stretcher bed.

Medics at Ipswich Hospital would not say whether his condition was stable.

"The patient was conscious and moving and able to speak between breaths when the call to us was made," said a spokesman for the East of England Ambulance Service.

"After an initial assessment it was decided that he needed to go to hospital in a bariatric ambulance (adapted for obese patients)."

Ex-post officer Mason had been back at his specially-adapted bungalow for just a week after a life-saving gastric bypass operation.

He had to slim down from his peak last year to have the surgery — but is still the world's heaviest man.

The Sun revealed last week he plans to reveal his weight-loss secrets in an autobiography titled "The Journey."