'World's Fattest Man' Drops 570 Pounds

The Mexican man dubbed the world's fattest by the Guinness Book of World Records has dropped 570 pounds, nearly half his body weight, according to a report from French news agency AFP.

Manuel Uribe, 42, weighed 1,257 pounds at his heaviest. He was bed-ridden for five years and doctors from the United States, Italy and Mexico have been helping Uribe lose weight through dieting and exercise for the past two years, it is reported.

Uribe appears in the 2008 Guinness book. He told AFP last year that an editor of the Guinness book told him he would be considered for the man who lost the most weight category in 2009.

Uribe's goal is to get down to 265 pounds. In March, a crane will lift him out of his house and he will be driven around on a flat-bed truck, according to the report.

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