Worker Frees Himself After Arm Cut Off in Conveyor Accident

A worker at a concrete company whose arm was cut off in a conveyor was stuck in the machine for 30 minutes before he freed himself and called for help Wednesday.

The 52-year-old man was alone when he went to warm up the equipment at Alamo Concrete about 4:30 a.m. and his sleeve got caught, said Warren Hassinger, spokesman for Austin/Travis County Emergency Medical Services.

The man's arm was cut off at the elbow but it was unclear if he cut it off to escape or if it was cut off by the machinery, Hassinger said. The victim's name was not immediately released.

"Apparently this thing caught a piece of his jacket and sucked him in," Hassinger said. "He was awake and alert. There was no rescue. He had to go from the industrial machinery himself to make the [emergency] call."

Further details were not immediately available. The man was in critical but stable condition at a hospital, Hassinger said.