Women Skip Town, Leaving Men to Fend for Themselves in Canadian Documentary

A social experiment in which all the women in a town leave the men behind to handle things at work and at home is the subject of a Canadian documentary called "The Week the Women Went," Reuters reported.

Shot in Hardisty, Alberta, Canada, the film is modeled after a BBC reality show of the same name and has been characterized as a study of gender issues in modern-day Canadian culture, according to Reuters.

The women in the town of about 760 residents are shipped off to a resort to see how the men fare without them for a week.

About 70 percent of households in Canada are managed by women, the majority of whom work full-time, Reuters reported, citing government statistics.

"It will be a disaster, a complete disaster," Kelly Weatherly, one of the women who left for the program produced by Canadian broadcaster CBC, predicted to Reuters.

The town's administrator, Tony Kulbisky, said he coped by planning ahead.

"It wasn't that much of an ordeal," the father of three told Reuters. "We just pre-planned everything, or tried to be as organized as we could be."

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