Tuesday night was a "first" -- we had two generals in the house!

You might think, what's so new about that? Fox often has generals on the air! Yes, this is true, but the two generals were women.

We had retired General Claudia Kennedy -- she appeared on “Hannity & Colmes” -- and General Janis Karpinski who appeared on our show.

As I am sure you know, there are not many women generals. I interviewed General Karpinski on the air and talked to General Kennedy in the make up room. I asked General Kennedy how many women generals there were before her and she said she is number seven.

Within about an hour of our show last night, Steve Harrigan "called" Fox News via videophone to report the breaking news of the fighting in Karbala. He was immediately put on the air with that breaking news. We replayed his report at the top of our show and expected Steve to call back during the hour so we could put him on live again. We were anxious to hear what was going on in Karbala and figured viewers were, too. Like the viewers, we want to know. Harrigan did not call back which caused me some worry (the fighting was intense) but Oliver North, sitting on the set with me, told me during a break that it is not easy to get the videophone up and running under those circumstances. Ollie just got back from Iraq on Sunday night where he was "armed" with a videophone.

Because of all the news associated with the photos from the Iraqi prison, we have not had time to bring you up to date on the Scott Peterson double murder trial. The jury selection is ongoing and it is planned that opening statements beginning May 24.

I received an e-mail from Valerie in the courtroom and thought you might like to read it. Incidentally, while the note has a touch of humor, in no way is it meant to minimize the tragedy of the deaths.

E-mail from Valerie in the courtroom describing the ongoing jury selection:

A housewife in her 60s, who works part-time, married to a retired police officer, was the first to qualify. She had been a juror on a murder case 4
years ago, and could bring her experience to this trial. Geragos asked her if about her husband expressing an opinion.

Geragos: What did your husband say when you got the jury summons and you were going to get on this case?

Juror: Do you REALLY want to know what he said? (Deadpan) He hoped I would be on the jury, and he hoped that the jury would be sequestered.

(The courtroom erupted in loud laughter.)


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