Woman Wins Lawsuit Claiming Surgeons 'Butchered' Face in Plastic Surgery Procedures

A 43-year-old woman has been awarded an “undisclosed sum of money” from a medical group after surgeons botched a cosmetic procedure that has left her face “too tight” and with not enough fat, London’s Daily Mail reported.

Beverly Binks, of Hetton Co., Durham in England, requested an eye and jaw lift from surgeons at Newcastle’s Transform Medical Group, but she said the surgeons “butchered” her face when they took too much skin from her face. When Binks complained, the medical group had her see another surgeon, who botched the job further: Her eyes were not symmetrical and her ears drooped.

Unwilling to look the way she did, she attempted a third plastic surgery, which also turned out to be a “catastrophe,” according to Binks, who said she attempted suicide after the three surgeries and lost her job.

“Transform Medical Group is unable to comment on individual patient’s cases due to strict patient confidentiality guidelines, however, we are committed to excellent clinical care to patients,” said Shami Thomas, a spokeswoman for the medical group. “The case involving Beverely Binks was a legal matter between the claimant and the two individual surgeons, not Transform Medical Group.”

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