A Houston mother sued a strip club and an exotic dancer in the DUI death of her son, alleging the dancer was forced to get drunk for her job.

Mattie Jean Johnson filed her wrongful death lawsuit against Rick's Cabaret and dancer Micaela Liem after her 43-year-old son Clinton Washington was struck and killed last Dec. 31 by a vehicle driven by the dancer while the man was trying to help a motorist in an auto accident, the Houston Chronicle reports.

Liem faces criminal charges of intoxicated manslaughter in the case, the paper said.

Johnson told the Chronicle that the dancers were allowed to leave the club drunk without supervision.

The dancer had a blood alcohol limit of .215, according to Johnson's lawsuit.

"The more drinks the customers bought for the dancers, the more Rick's would profit," the lawsuit says, according to the Chronicle. "The dancers', including Liem's, decision to consume alcohol while on the job was not voluntary. Rather, it was mandatory in order to continue successful employment at Rick's."

Lawyers for both Rick's Cabaret and Liem would not comment on the suit.

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