A former patient of Dr. Phil McGraw has filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court against the talk show host alleging that she was sexually harassed, brainwashed and subject to fraud at the hands of the doctor and members of his staff.

Plaintiff Shirley Dieu claimed she was “held against her will” in McGraw’s Hollywood production offices in 2007 after seeking therapy from the television personality. Dieu also claims in the suit that she was “forced to be in the same room as a completely naked live man (employed by McGraw) while he exposed his entire naked body”. Dieu alleges she was “blocked by staff” when she tried to escape and the phone was disconnected when she attempted to call 911 – resulting in her suffering from “post traumatic syndrome.”

According to the suit, Dieu was also subjected to “brainwashing” while under McGraw’s care and “suffered public ridicule and humiliation” when she was forced to watch edited tapings depicting her as a different personality than her own.

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But that’s not where the allegations end – the plaintiff additionally claims that she endured mental and physical abuse, was deprived of sleep and food during this time and “touched inappropriately by different defendants” – one of which being McGraw who Dieu alleges touched her left breast.

The suit also accuses the defendants of fraudulently obtaining Dieu’s signature on waiver/release forms by withholding certain pages of the document.

Dieu is seeking unlimited general damages, punitive damages, exemplary damages and fees and court costs as a result of the “sustained serious personal injuries and mental anguish due to unethical and illegal practices”.

A rep for McGraw did not immediately respond for comment.