A Florida homeowner spray-painted her home with a message that welcomed Hitler as a neighbor — compared to her current ones — in protest of homeowner association rules, MyFoxOrlando.com reported.

Shelia Jones told the station that for the last 18 months she and her family have been the target of harassing letters, including one calling her "white trash," complaining about her potted plants and the number of cars she has parked outside her home.

Jones says that when she couldn't take it any longer, she "snapped" and wrote on the side of her house in red spray paint, "Hitler would be a welcome neighbor here. Stop the harassment to my family. Merry Xmas."

The family lives in the Town House Estates, which has rules set forth by a homeowner's association — rules the association claims Jones and her family disregard.

"They don't belong here for the simple reasons, because when you live in an association, there are rules you've got to live by and they haven't lived by one of them," Pat Cutwright, who lives next to Jones, told MyFoxOrlando.com.

Frank Lady, president of the homeowners association, said the message on Jones' house is not only a violation of their bylaws, but also a city code violation.

Jones says she was going to paint over it the same morning MyFoxOrlando.com spoke to her, and the message was "done in the moment."

"I guess the Hitler thing is the thing that really pushed people over the edge," Jones told the station. "I feel I'm living in a communist community and you know they can jab you and jab you and jab you and they don't have to stop."

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