Woman Regains Sight After 70 Years

For more than 70 years, Beth Trubridge was unable to see out of her right eye – but everything changed for the 87-year-old when she recently visited an eye surgeon.

“I was about 13 when I started to notice I couldn't see so well,” Trubridge told the U.K.’s Daily Telegraph. “By the time I was 15, I had no sight in the right eye.”

The blindness was caused by toxoplasmosis, an infection caused by a parasite. It’s found in humans worldwide, and in many animals and birds, especially cats. Complications include blindness and learning disabilities, the National Institutes of Health said on its Web site.

Last year, Trubridge applied for a disability sticker on her car and that’s when her daughter took her to an ophthalmic surgeon. Dr. Nick Evans then discovered previously undetected deep-rooted cataracts. Trubridge regained her vision, the newspaper reported.

"I have really just seen light and shade all my life, so I am absolutely delighted," said Trubridge. "Everyone said there was no hope for her. It is strange to think you can go all this time without vision and then get it back,” Trubridge's husband Donald, 88, a retired engineer, added.

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