A pregnant mother gave birth moments after starting to prepare her Christmas dinner — and was back home in time to serve it up.

Paula Thomas, 29, was preparing a feast for her family in England on Christmas Day when she began to go into labor, The Sun reported.

She continued to baste the turkey in the oven until the contractions were just three minutes apart.

Her husband Damian, 32, took her to hospital and daughter Lexi was born one hour later.

She was back home in St Austell, Cornwall, a little more than an hour after giving birth — eating dinner and toasting the new arrival.

Paula Thomas, who is already the mother of twins Caitlin and Gabby, both 6, and Reece, 3, said: "No one could believe I'd come out so quickly. I really wanted my Christmas dinner — I was starving. I had prepared most of the dinner before I went into labor so everything was in the oven."

"She's one in a million," her husband added.

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