A 32-year-old British woman who was put into a medically induced coma after she developed E. coli says it was the sound of her baby’s voice that pulled her out of the coma, BBC News reported.

Karen Morrisroe-Clutton came down with E. coli in July when her son Oliver was 10-weeks-old. Doctors put her in a coma for five weeks while she recovered, and during that time her husband brought tapes of Oliver to the hospital.

Morrisroe-Clutton, of Wrexham, England, said the sound of her son’s voice made her fight to live.

She has since recovered, but it wasn’t easy: Morrisroe-Clutton, a librarian, said she suffered kidney failure, seizures and muscle weakness.

“I gave up,” Morrisroe-Clutton said. “I wanted to die. But I heard Ollie. I heard his voice.”

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