Woman, 43, Gives Birth to Baby Boy After Having Tubes Tied

A 43-year-old woman who had her fallopian tubes tied 13 years ago, recently gave birth to a healthy baby, London's Daily Mail reported.

Debbie Amos, of Colchester, Essex in England, said her tubes were clipped and cauterized, so she was surprised three months ago when doctors told her she was already six months pregnant.

"And, as you get older, it is harder to conceive anyway, so it is the last thing I expected," Amos said. "I think I cried for a week. I thought I'd been doubly sterilised and I had had no symptoms, such as sickness, which I did with my other children."

Baby Connor, who was born last week, is happy and healthy, said Amos, who also has three other children and grandchildren.

In some cases, fallopian tubes can reform or reconnect in the years following the surgery, which can result in pregnancy.

Amos' husband, Melvin, 57, said he won't be retiring anytime soon.

"Maybe he was just meant to be here," Amos said of her new son.

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