WMD Could Be?

And now the most engaging two minutes in television, the latest from the wartime grapevine:

WMD Could Be?
There's a report out of Kuwait that -- if verified -- would mean there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq after all. The Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Siyassah, says authorities there foiled a plot to smuggle $60 million worth of chemical weapons and biological warheads from Iraq into Europe. The report says suspects have been taken into custody, and the weapons themselves will be handed over to the FBI. However, the report does not say when that will take place, nor does it say exactly when or how the plot was foiled.

Funneling Funds?
A new report shows Palestinian Authority President Yasser Arafat has diverted more than $590 million from the Palestinian Authority into a bank account under his control. According to the report, compiled by the International Monetary Fund and quoted in the New York Post, Arafat then invested that money into 69 commercial companies from around the world, making $300 million in profits. The story raises the question of whether Arafat used those profits to fund terrorism, since, the Post says, they were not used for personal luxury or for their initial purpose of improving the Palestinian infrastructure.

Tale of the LA Times
As we've noted, the LA Times today ran a front-page article -- accompanied by a full page inside -- on the accusations now lodged against Arnold Schwarzenegger for making unwanted advances years ago. And not until the 10th paragraph do readers get a response from Schwarzenegger's camp. But four years ago, when then-President Clinton was being accused by Juanita Broaddrick of a brutal sexual assault 20 years earlier, the LA Times buried that story on page 13, under a headline that read, "Clinton Camp Denies Alleged Sex Assault." The article began with a denial from Mr. Clinton's lawyer. And when syndicated columnist George Will later wrote, "It is reasonable to believe that [Clinton] was a rapist 15 years before becoming President," the Times cut that line out of his column.

Candidate's Kin
California lieutenant governor and democratic candidate for governor Cruz Bustamante has a sister. Her name is Nao Bustamante and she's a performance artist. Here's how she, quoted in The Weekly Standard and her own Web site, describes her art, "Using the body as a source of image, narrative and emotion, my performances communicate on the level of subconscious language, taking the spectator on a bizarre journey, cracking stereotypes and embodying them. As in [one performance titled] America, the Beautiful; where I'm some kind of sci-fi-barbie-Yankee Doodle-meat-puppet."

— FOX News' Michael Levine contributed to this report