Dear Friends,

Are you in need of a laugh today? Check out "Vester's Choice" here on the "DaySide Web" page. The good folks at the Columbus, OH Police Dept. had the DaySide staff falling out of their chairs with laughter this week.

As it happens, "DaySide" viewer Glenn Greenberg (wink, wink... know who that is?) spotted a blurb in a Canadian newspaper about Columbus police devising a brilliant "bait car" to catch auto thieves.

So we called the police, and they very kindly sent us video from the hidden camera inside the bait car. Over and over again, the footage shows thieves hopping in this car, laughing at how easy it was to steal it and speeding off. Then their faces drop. The car engine suddenly goes dead and the doors lock them in.

And here's the best part: When the locks go down, the car stereo is rigged to blare the theme song from the show "Cops".


Even better are some of the whoppers the thieves tell when the officers catch them!

Check it out and enjoy a laugh on me!

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