I just hope we remember this moment.

The moment we needed some help.

And OPEC said, no.

When we needed just a little more oil, and Saudi Arabia said no.

When our president all but begged a sultan, and the sultan swatted.

I hope we remember how they treated us, their biggest customer, and their staunchest defender.

I hope we remember their arrogance.

How dismissive they were.

How callous they were.

I so hope we remember this day when OPEC told the world, screw the world.

And screw America.

I'm sorry for my language.

I'm not sorry for my message.

It wasn't that long ago that a fellow named Saddam Hussein threatened these royal kingdoms.

Until we saved their royal asses.

Don't you find it ironic that we rescued the very folks then who won't so much as lift a finger for us now? Unless it's a middle finger?

We have many sins in this country.

We consume too much, waste too much. And clearly rely on bad guys too much.

But this?

This is too much.

So let's not forget this too soon.

Maybe it will sharpen our focus. Have us seek out energy alternatives.

Who knows?

This much I do know.

With friends like these, we don't need enemies.

But we do need to remember history.

And this time, they do too.

The last time they stuck it to us, they drove up prices so high, so fast, that no one could pay them.

Demand for oil tumbled. Oil prices tumbled too.

And suddenly the world they thought they had over a barrel, had left OPEC over an even bigger barrel.

I remember that.

It's a pity these greedy, clueless, self-serving bastards do not.

Because mark my words: history is about to repeat itself.

And the slimiest of the slime are about to get slimed, again.

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