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NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: We want to update you on some other things, including what's been going on in Ladysmith, Wisconsin where right now we have Governor Scott McCallum joining us, touring the areas damaged in yesterday's tornado. As you know, 43 people were injured yesterday, but none, we're happy to say, seriously. But a lot of damage there.

Governor, good to have you with us.

GOV. SCOTT MCCALLUM (R), WISCONSIN: Thank you. And I think you pointed out correctly, none were killed. That's an important aspect for us.

CAVUTO: What is the damage there, Governor?

MCCALLUM: Well, FEMA hasn't come in yet. We haven't had a full assessment. Mayor tells me maybe up to 50 million. But of course, this just happened within 24 hours. The cleanup is still taking place.

CAVUTO: So as far as rescue efforts, they're not necessary at this time outside of just sort of monitoring what has been physically lost here.

MCCALLUM: As you said, there are 43 people that were injured. There are still a couple of people that we don't know, but they may be on vacation. So we're still trying to track those down with family.

CAVUTO: All right. Now as far as getting any emergency relief from Uncle Sam, what have you heard?

MCCALLUM: Well, emergency relief first from the state and Uncle Sam. FEMA will be sending a team in. And I have got to say, the Bush administration has been great for the state of Wisconsin, from the Mississippi flooding and storm damage that we had last year. They are very good to work with. The state is making emergency funding available in the form of grants and loans for small businesses and individual homeowners. And as you can - as may have seen from your viewers, people from surrounding communities are coming in and volunteering, helping with the cleanup.

CAVUTO: What would this have been like, Governor, if people had been at work yesterday?

MCCALLUM: Well, we were very fortunate, happened on a Labor Day weekend. There weren't people at home and there weren't people at work. When you see the damage that has taken place right down the heart of the main street, of the business district, it would have been devastating. We were very, very fortunate to have as few injuries as there were.

CAVUTO: All right. Governor, we wish you well. We know you have got a lot on your hands right now. We appreciate you sharing it with us.

MCCALLUM: Thank you.

CAVUTO: Wisconsin Governor Scott McCallum joining us from Ladysmith, hit hardest by the tornado yesterday.

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