Winona Ryder Arrested for Drugs, Shoplifting

Oscar-nominated actress Winona Ryder, star of films such as The Age of Innocence and Little Women, was arrested for drug possession and shoplifting, police said Thursday.

Security guards at a Saks Fifth Avenue boutique detained the 30-year-old Wednesday after they found her trying to steal hair products and "numerous items of clothing" valued at $4,760, Lt. Gary Gilmond said.

Police later discovered that Ryder was carrying narcotics, he said. She was booked on charges of grand theft and possessing pharmaceutical drugs without a prescription. Police did not say what kind of drug she was carrying.

Ryder's lawyer Mark Geragos maintained his client's innocence. He said the actress had a prescription for the painkillers and receipts for the items she allegedly shoplifted.

"It's a misunderstanding on the part of the store," he said, adding that Ryder was carrying the items between store departments.

Gilmond said that store security officers saw a surveillance video in which it appeared as though Ryder was removing price tags from certain items. He also said Ryder may have a prescription for the drugs but was booked because she couldn't produce it on the spot.

Ryder was released from custody Wednesday night after posting $20,000 bail.

Her publicist Mara Buxbaum said the actress had no immediate comment.

Ryder is best known for playing ponderous, melancholy characters in movies such as Girl, Interrupted and Reality Bites.

Ryder often has a grueling work schedule and exhaustion has landed her in the hospital several times. The actress lost a pivotal role in 1990's The Godfather: Part III days before filming began because of anxiety and exhaustion.

She has told reporters she sometimes turned to alcohol to cope with anxiety attacks and depression.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.