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It's Friday finals and time for my winners and losers of the week.

The winners are first — here they are and here's why:

General David Petraeus and Ambassador Ryan Crocker gave a good presentation, even if you didn't agree with their conclusions. It strengthened the hand of Republicans besieged by anti-war types.

Tony Snow is a big winner. Friday is his last day at the White House and he represented the president well. Even the carnivore pressies seemed to like him.

Rosie's a winner because her book is going to be huge. "Celebrity Detox" tells how she used to use a bat to break her own bones as a child. It is facts like that which lead to true understanding.

Oprah's a big winner. Seems she had everybody booked this week: Mary Winkler, Vera Wang, the Goldmans, 9/11 people and David Letterman.

Now to the losers — here they are and here's why:

You have to start with Britney. Yes, I know I shouldn't talk about her being fat, but I'm not 25 and I didn't wear a bra and panties outfit on world-wide TV — and she did.

O.J. is a loser, of course. The book he wrote and then got taken away from him is out Friday — No. 1 on Amazon, by the way — and he gets popped for what might turn out to be an armed robbery… all to get the verdict day suit back.

Norman Hsu is a huge loser. Five million dollar bond, suicide note, Hillary returning $850,00 in donations he bundled — plus off to jail? Hard to get a worse week than that.

And the big losers were the self-righteous slanderers at MoveOn.org, the group that called Gen. Petraeus "Betray Us." The smarmy and insulting libel has blown up in their face and in the faces of Democrats who wouldn't condemn it and now must be viewed as candidates of the MoveOn Party — which has put the Democratic Party out of business.

That's my word.

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