Bring on the New Hampshire (search) primary!

Though I don't get the wisdom of Kerry's campaign staff handing out copies of Windsurfer magazine with him looking muscled on the cover, I do find it amusing.

I'm watching the independent voters, though: There are more of them than there are Democrats or Republicans in New Hampshire. Who will they take to the prom?

If you're inclined to vote Democratic, have you checked out Lieberman, who is the strongest on defense of the candidates and certainly acts like a grownup? He's not the media darling, but we know how fickle the media are -- they'll fall in love with whoever can give them a story. If you don't give them a story, you're chopped liver.

While we're at it, have you given Edwards a closer look? He has less experience, but how refreshing that a presidential candidate consciously chooses not to attack his competitors. For good manners alone, I'd listen to his stump speech.

Then again, that's just the Midwesterner in me who yearns for politicians with better manners...

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