A sudden gust of wind uprooted a tent at a wedding moments after the couple recited their vows, killing one guest and injuring more than a dozen others.

Tent poles, stakes and broken glass and china went flying through the air Saturday at the wedding of Jason and Carrie Guyette (search) as a storm moved in.

The bridegroom's step-grandmother was killed by a pole. Her name was not released.

"There was this 'whoosh,"' said Catherine LaBrecque, the bride's grandmother. "The tent went airborne. Everyone was screaming and then the next thing you know, people were on the ground and there was blood on all these people."

The guests suffered mostly cuts and scrapes. One guest was held overnight at a hospital with a concussion and cuts.

"Poles were flying by people," said Bruce La Bombard, the father of the bride. "The six-foot stakes they had in the ground were flying around like toothpicks."