It was a wild show on Thursday as Israel forces struck back at Hamas and Hezbollah.

We were ready to go on the air at 5 a.m. ET — just in case — but things were not that out of hand so we began at 6 a.m. The scary highlight had to be FOX News' David Lee Miller being shot at in Gaza. Thankfully he's OK.

Thursday's weirdest segment had to the woman who wants to change the spelling of all words in the English language. OK, so it's not going to be on the "best of" show, but it was amusing, nonetheless.

Many of you have written about the Blender magazine All-Time Wussy List for recording artists. We ran through the top 10 and Ian, on Camera 3, made a great point: How can there be an All-Time Wussy list that doesn’t include Air Supply? Sorry, James Taylor: you won.

The biggest non-war story had to be Steve Doocy's claim that he booked Wayne Newton before I got Sly Stallone — therefore winning five bucks from me. But I have five days to get Sly! Wish me luck!

Next up, Sugar Ray Leonard and much more Friday....


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