Will the French Lend a Helping Hand?

So now we're trying to bring the French into Iraq. Make no mistake about it, that's what we're saying in today's revelation that the U.S. is going back to the United Nations to ask for help in Iraq.

This coupled with studies from inside the Bush Pentagon that we did not properly plan for the post war period in Iraq and Wednesday's Powell announcement that the U.S. is going back to the U.N. Security Council.

So should we do this? Sure, under the terms offered by Powell.

But more importantly the French should take this deal. It is what Dominque De Villepin (search) has been asking for -- an Iraqi government in place and coming to the U.N. for recognition.

Under this scenario, the U.S. is slowly turning power over to the Iraqis as they have the  ability to handle it.

So if the French and the Germans resist this offer from the Americans it should be regarded as more of the same: The French just saying no because they oppose America and they want to thwart whatever the U.S. is trying to do.

If the French are being honest, if they really want to help the Iraqi people, and they want America to move toward Iraqi sovereignty instead of Iraq occupation, they should take this deal and take it fast.

Plus, if they do, I'm sure we'll throw in a few of those reconstruction contracts they want so badly.

That's My Word.

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