Will Smith back on the scene, Lindsay parties with J-Lo's ex, a possible bigger break for Scarlett Johansson and Brando's life stranger than fiction in today's Foxlight.

Will Smith destroys a few robots in the upcoming "I, Robot," (search) but was he mad at a tabloid when he destroyed a New York newsstand the other day? Nope. It was a prop. And he was filming a scene for another movie called "First Last Kiss."

How did Lindsay Lohan (search) celebrate her 18th birthday recently? By turning down drinks from another table. Who was at her table? Her mom. That's how you celebrate turning 18? Guess who else was at the table -- and he seems a little old to be hanging with Lindsay, unless he's hitting on her mom -- dancer turned J-Lo ex turned reality-show novelty Cris Judd (search).

"It" girl Scarlett Johansson (search) will finally get a mainstream break bigger than "Lost in Translation." She's "it" in the next installment of "Mission Impossible," opposite Tom Cruise. One problem: Who was the break-out gal in the last "Mission?" Thandie Newton. Who? Exactly.

Finally, with one of Marlon Brando's (search) heirs shut out of the will like the door closing on Kay at the end of "The Godfather," I have to wonder if the whole Brando story is gonna keep pulling us back in like Pacino in "Godfather 3." This whole story is gonna end up on screen, and I can't think of an actor big enough to play Brando -- and I mean that in every way possible.