Will Michael Jackson Moonwalk Out of Court a Free Man?

Judge Ito, call home... Michael Jackson (search) needs you.

Yes, Mr. and Ms. America, as we approach the tenth anniversary of the O.J. Simpson (search) trial, Johnnie Cochran (search) seems to be at it again. This time, he’s maneuvering things so Jackson winds up in exactly the same courtroom where he saved O.J. from the jaws of certain guilt.

Foxnews.com’s Roger Friedman (search) hit the nail on the head. That freak show you saw in Santa Maria, Calif. was designed to get the trial out of Santa Maria, where a certain conviction awaits. Jackson’s arraignment circus was designed to revolt the jurors of so Mark Geragos (search) could get a study that showed Jackson couldn't get a fair trial there, and argue that the trial should be moved.

Moved where? I bet you Jackson confidant and legal adviser Cochran is the one who wants him in the central district of Los Angeles, where he could make the pop star black again — same as he did for O.J.

Cochran will then pick a middle-aged black jury, turn Tom Sneddon (search) into Mark Fuhrman (search) and bingo... Michael moonwalks.

As I was saying earlier... it would be perfect if Judge Ito would step up for another go, but he barely survived the first one and he wants us all to simply forget his name.

So some other poor judge is going to have to preside over the circus when it returns to the L.A. County Criminal Courts Building on Temple Street in downtown L.A.

Once every decade, another O.J.-like trial... the public demands it.

That's My Word.

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