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It's going to be interesting to watch what the Democrats, especially the Dems' far-left wingoids, do about what could be for them an unfortunate confluence of events.

Saturday morning comes the news that an Al Qaeda cell in New York — possibly aided by a long sought after UBL protégé called "Shuk," short for Shukrijumah — was planning to blow up JFK by igniting fuel lines and fuel depots.

The next night, former Sen. John Edwards still felt confident enough about his anti-war, anti-Bush base that he could say the following: "...but what this global War on Terror bumper sticker, political slogan — that's all it is, that's all it's ever been — was intended to do was for George Bush to use it to justify everything he does: the ongoing war in Iraq, Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib, spying on Americans, torture. None of those things are OK. They are not the United States of America."

Hillary Clinton, to her credit, disagreed with the notions Edwards was advancing that people are not making war on us. In fact, she said we are safer since 9/11. Clearly she thinks people are making war on us and the military approach might not be off the table.

The question is: What are Democrats going to choose? Are they going to embrace the Edwards model, which used to be called the Bill Clinton anti-terror policy? Under that approach we chased terrorists down, put them on trial in U.S. courts and put them in jail. We didn't wage war. Edwards wants to go back to those Clinton days.

But if there is another President Clinton, it won't be Bill. And the question is what will Hillary do? Will she return to the Bill policy or will she be tougher? Will she recognize that criminalizing terror wasn't enough?

We know Edwards would put his head in the sand, unless you think tough U.S. attorneys and their prosecutorial staffs are enough.

We don't know if Hillary would continue the Bush policy of militarizing anti-terror policies. At times she sounds tough, but then her far left screams and she bashes Bush. But is she bashing Bush for doing more or less what she would do? When she is staring terror in the face as the American president, will she call the FBI or the Pentagon?

No fair answering both. You know what the choice is.

If there is a Democrat president — and it seems to me chances of that are pretty good — will we bomb terrorists with things that go boom in the night or will we bomb them with subpoenas to show up in federal court and stand trial?

That's My Word.

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