Carmen Elektra, Will & Grace, The Bachelor and Britney in the 15 minutes of fame glow of The Foxlight.

Carmen Elektra is getting married. Rock star Dave Navarro is the man who "rocked" her with a giant stone. She told Fox News she's happy. But the big question will former five minute husband Dennis Rodman be one of the bridesmaids?

Want to join the cast of Will & Grace? Log onto eBay and outbid everyone else. But before you start picking out sofas for your dressing room, you should realize it's a walk on. You'll be lucky to have a line or two. And it won't be cheap: The current high bid is around $700. All the money goes to charity.

Is it just me or is The Bachelor the creepiest guy on the planet? A Nickelodeon-style sliming would have been a good thing to do on that finale. But guess what, good ratings trump bad taste every time. There will be another one. I wish I could act surprised.

Finally, didn't she learn anything from Crossroads? Britney is back in a movie. This one the next Austin Powers. Can she act? "Nah, baby, nah!" But it should be good for a bad dental grin.