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NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: All right, obese? Oh, boy. Uncle Sam cracking down on America's weight going up, already looking into fat taxes, creating new prevention programs. is It only a matter of time, then, before we hear about a new fat czar?

My next guest hopes so. Michael Karolchyk is the CEO of the Anti-Gym revolution.

And, man, if there is anyone, you know, who is in the position to be a czar, it's you, Michael, because you would just kill anyone who doesn't follow you, right?

MICHAEL KAROLCHYK:, OWNER, THE ANTI-GYM: Well, you know what, Neil? You will never have to worry. If I am indeed named the health czar, the fat czar, I will return your phone calls and I will go on FOX.

CAVUTO: Can you believe that?

KAROLCHYK:: I won't duck any of the questions.

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CAVUTO: And, believe me, you take good and bad questions. That's the whole thing about these czars, Michael. I can't see you pulling this nonsense. But that's the thing. This is what you get, folks, this kind of nonsense.

KAROLCHYK:: Well, you know what, Neil? The thing is, the first rule they should make for czars — and I'm throwing my name in the hat. Even though Obama and I have a lot of differences, I am willing to bury them to be the fat czar.

The first thing is, if you're a czar, you have got to constantly wear your crown, because you need to sit up there and talk to all the people and say, hey, I'm the car czar. I'm the payroll czar. And in my case, I'm going to be the fat czar. And my rule is law.

CAVUTO: But that is where we're going.

Now, you know, we're being a little funny here, but I think it is just a matter of time before we get this. The president is a very fit guy. He advocates, he and his wife, healthy eating and the like. It is probably not a huge leap to — to try to mandate that with some sort of a czar or chief pooh-bah like yourself.

But this is one thing you would welcome, isn't it?

KAROLCHYK:: Well, you know what? On a serious note, which is hard to do with the crown on my head, but, on a serious note, the fact of the matter is, for years, I have tried to help pass child obesity laws in states.

And what you run into are chubby politicians, the Barney Franks of the world, that stop you cold in your tracks because they get money from the fast-food lobbyists. They get money from all their other cronies that don't want obesity laws passed. So, nothing gets done.

If it — if the laws do get passed — like, I tried to get a gym law passed in Colorado — all it is, is because the local school districts, they didn't want to put money into the new facilities for gyms. Then they have kids doing education classes. No gym is getting done, but it's called gym.

So, with the way — the way our country is set up now, Neil, unfortunately, with the Republicans and the Democrats in bed on most of the things together, everything either doesn't passed or it's muddled. So, we would get rid of the middleman, and it would just be me and Obama deciding what is best for you.


CAVUTO: But you do like the idea of advocating, very strongly, eat right, exercise, do that. Is that was all centered around a czar or a — you know, a Jack La Lanne uber-god like yourself, then — then — then that is not too shabby.

You would welcome that, right?

KAROLCHYK:: I would, because, Neil, I would pass some real strict laws that would change things and get people's attention. And I would get the obesity rate down.

We know this. Nothing that has been done so far has done anything and put a dent, and the obesity keeps growing. Now, you're telling me if I was the health czar, OK, the fat czar, whatever you want to call it, that we wouldn't get obesity down? Do you want me or Richard Simmons and his headband, his red headband, or me and my crown?

CAVUTO: I would rather Richard Simmons, because you scare me. And, also, you would put out, like, a no-Ring Ding edict. And, so, I would be eating in our kingdom, and you would have me executed. And that would not be good.

KAROLCHYK:: You would have to answer to me, Neil. And wouldn't that be great? No more Ring Dings.

And here's the thing. I would give out little credits. One of my — one of my great ideas, if I was the fat czar...


KAROLCHYK:: ... would be for people to actually get credits to go to the grocery store.


CAVUTO: To buy Ring Dings, to buy Ring Dings, or to buy, like, healthy stuff?

KAROLCHYK:: To buy anything you want at the store, you have got to get credits.


KAROLCHYK:: And, so, guess what? You want to get your Ring Dings, you have to do cardio. If you didn't shovel your driveway because you're too lazy, you lost a credit.


CAVUTO: Oh, stop it. You're a czar. You are lucky you are over there, because I would kick your ass. You would be the czar where that would happen.

But you would be a scary czar, Michael, but you would be a good one.

KAROLCHYK:: Well, you know what, Neil?

Just think about this. All the liberals that you're watching out here and you say, this guy is crazy, and he's — that would be terrible to have this man as a fat czar...


CAVUTO: No way.

KAROLCHYK:: ... how can you be, in this country...


KAROLCHYK:: ... how can you be, in this country, for global warming, how can you be for gun control...

CAVUTO: There you go.

KAROLCHYK:: ... and you can't be for chubby control?

CAVUTO: Good point.

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