There's another type of mob besides "the mob" and that's mob rule.

People looking to take up pitchforks and torches and, keeping with our movie theme, it's kind of like in Frankenstein.

Executives at failing companies are being painted as the monster, so that the government can cover-up its role in creating him.

I want to show you where we are and where we are headed if we let mob rule take over.

Remember last week when everyone from the president to Congress to people on the street was incensed over AIG getting the bonuses. Many people wanted their names outed and — even worse — e-mailed death threats to execs and their families, many riddled with expletives.

Here are a couple of the cleaner ones:

"The revolution is coming. The family members of your executives are not safe. Your blood will run through the streets in the coming months."

"All the executives and their families should be executed with piano wire around their necks —- my greatest hope."

If you thought terrorizing children was bad, things are even worse in Europe; you might consider this a peek at our future:

In England, an anti-capitalist group called Bank Bosses Are Criminals claimed responsibility for a home attack on the former CEO of the Royal Bank of Scotland.

Meanwhile, in France, the Frenchy-French are abducting their former employers through something called "boss-napping." Fired workers are looking for better severance pay, or whatever else, and so they're grabbing these executives and holding them hostage. The police aren't even stepping in to stop them; they're basically saying it's part of the negotiation process.

Who's behind it? Surprise-surprise: the unions, the workers of the world.

Haven't I seen that somewhere? Oh yeah, I saw the beginnings of that here.

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Take the AIG rallies in New York and outside the evil executives homes and that's what's happening in France.

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