Will America Follow Greece Into Crisis?

I've been telling you this week that what is about to play out in Europe will happen next here in America.

We are making the same mistakes they've made in places like Greece, who arrogantly racked up debt, got into bed with unions, bloated government payrolls and a 12.7 percent deficit.

Spain tried the green job thing and that's working out swell — they only have 19 percent unemployment. They learned the lesson we will soon learn: You lose two jobs for every green job created.

But the biggest mistake they've all made is that they've lied to the people the entire time.

Even now they are in denial: Officials at the major rating agencies last week downplayed the risk of a debt crisis, saying nations like Greece have enough reserves to hold off a collapse "for months." Oh, well if it's that far off, break out the credit cards!

The arrogance of these governments, to think that buying us a few extra months, is going to make people happy. These politicians, governments and global agendas are stealing our children's future.

I've said before: Everything you know is about to change. The paradigm is changing. Is this the beginning? How bad will it get? And, if it Europe comes crashing down, what will happen to us? How will the people — who have been lied to — react?

I want you to ask yourself: Which is the most likely scenario:

Everything's fine

We are headed for a depression in Europe and the rest of world could be hit hard, but we'll get through it

Revolution is brewing or, as communists in Europe are calling it, "insurrection"

It's imperative that you look beyond the headlines and see what could be coming in Europe and how it plays out. Because they are ahead of us and the same seeds have been planted in America.

I ask you tonight, to look at the future of Greece and Europe, so we may prevent it from being our future as well.

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