Wife Kimberly Conrad Returns to Hef’s Mansion, New Girlfriend Moves Into Master Bedroom | Spiderman on Broadway: Evan Rachel Wood Won’t Be Getting Tips From Dunst | Colin Farrell Left Rehab Penniless | Carey Hart Makes Dreams Come True

Wife Kimberly Conrad Returns to Hef’s Mansion, New Girlfriend Moves Into Master Bedroom

It has been many years since Hugh Hefner’s estranged wife and 1989’s "Playmate of the Year" Kimberly Conrad stepped foot in her old stomping grounds for a party with other girlfriends around, but it seems the blonde beauty is bringing a little of her bunny-life back.

"I don't care about them (Hef’s other companions). They actually try to avoid me," she once said, adding that she only visits the Mansion for Tuesday’s "Family Night," when no other hotties are hopping around.

So, Conrad reportedly caused quite a stir of surprise when she recently showed up to one of Hef’s female-frenzied movie nights, spending the evening hanging out with a bevy of beauties and the men’s magazine mogul.

"They still have a very special connection, you can see that when Hef looks at her," a mansion insider told Tarts.

Conrad and Hefner married in 1989 and have two teenage sons together, and while they separated ten years later, the pair have never divorced ,and according to our inside source, it isn’t likely that they will.

"This upset Holly (Madison) a lot, as she really did want to marry Hef and have a family with him, but she realized it was never going to happen and that’s when she left," said our source.

On that note, Holly, Bridget and Kendra have officially left the Holmby Hills residence and Hef’s new squeeze Crystal Harris has bumped the troublesome twins to take Madison’s spot as the number one girlfriend and has subsequently moved into the master bedroom.

"Everyone was quite surprised when she moved in. She’d just started coming to the Mansion for movie nights and BBQs but nothing romantic was going on then suddenly she was in," said the insider, adding that she is genuinely a very friendly and polite young lady who is very popular with all the staff and other girls.

"So far there is no jealously between the twins and Crystal, but we’ll see how long that lasts," added the insider.

Spiderman on Broadway: Evan Rachel Wood Won’t Be Getting Tips From Dunst

Evan Rachel-Wood is done with movies, at least for 2009. The actress told Tarts that she’ll be spending the next few months "doing a couple of plays" before starring alongside her "Across the Universe" co-star Jim Sturgess in the Broadway musical adaptation of "Spider-Man" in October.

Although it doesn’t sound as though Wood will be reaching out to the starlet of the Spiderman films, Kirsten Dunst, for any advice.

"Ah, does she sing?" Wood asked, screwing up her nose before quickly moving on to talk about how she’s already "got the hair going" with some strawberry tones.

Colin Farrell Left Rehab Penniless

He just took home a Golden Globe and is certainly at a high point, but Colin Farrell has come a long way personally, professionally and well, financially since entering rehab for a drug/alcohol addiction three years ago.

"When I left rehab I could only go back to my five-bedroom house in the Hollywood Hills, but with just a couple of dollars to my name," Farrell said backstage after winning a Golden Globe for his role in "In Bruges."

But it turns out that the star really has no specific advice for fellow celebs romping in and out of rehab, and doesn’t think that being in the public eye makes the road to recovery any more challenging than the average sufferer.

"Everyone’s journey is different, I was just lucky enough to be able to take a look at certain aspects of my life and change them," he added.

Carey Hart Makes Dreams Come True

Here’s something to bring a tear to any dry eye… The Make-A-Wish Foundation granted its 1000th wish inside Carey Hart’s Wasted Space club at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino on Wednesday night. Fifteen-year-old Diana, who suffers from a heart condition that requires her to have a pacemaker, has always dreamed of being a rock star and Hart and his club made it come true.

Diana and her personal posse arrived at the Hard Rock in a limo and were greeted by screaming fans and paparazzi on a red carpet. Once inside, the young starlet performed a rock set (which included Pink’s current hit "So What") to over 200 crazy partygoers chanting her name. Diana was also presented with a guitar signed by her idol Pink before being bombarded to sign autographs. Awww.

But speaking of Pink and Hart, it looks like they’re rekindling their love since legally separating almost a year ago. According to numerous reports (and confirmed by a source close to the couple) the two have shacked up again...

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